Her desire

chapter 1

Introducing characters etc sorry this 1 chapter will be boring

Backfill- Jayme
Appearance: tall brown hair small boobs and hair wears glasses
Young aspiring girl,loves her mother dearly, love food and has some fantasies of her own

Appearance: skinny with blonde hair a few tattoos has nice boobs and a tight a**
Works at a bakery divorced loves her daughter greatly and will do anything to support her

Jayme sat in her bed and called to her mother Sue. In reply Sue walks in and asks what's the matter. Jayme asks her mother to sit down and asks her mother not over react by what she is going to say. By this point sue is getting worried. Jayme can't keep it from her mum any more and as she blurts it out "I want to be fat". Sue looks at Jayme in astonishment and not knowing what to say. After two minutes of silence Sue asks her " why do you want to be fat, look at yourself honey" and in reply Jayme says "I like eating lots of food and touch all of my beautiful skin." Jayme looked at her mum and said " I was hoping you would gain with me" Sue unsure what to say left Jamyes room and went to the kitchen. Jayme felt really embarrassed and stayed in her room until dinner. Dinner time sue called from the kitchen. When Jayme got to the table she found that it was full of her and her mothers favorite foods curries, pastas, Chinese and McDonald's. Jayme looked at her mum and said " so I guess that's a yes then" sue looked at her and said " I have always had a fantasy to be full all the time and stuff my face with fattening foods "

The both of them sat down and stacked their plates full of fattening goodies. Jayme had one and a half plates of ravioli then she was full but her mum was the complete opposite, she couldn't get enough on her plate. Sue moaned in pain as her shirt rolled up over her stomach putting on display her food baby. Jayme compared her stomach to her mums and too her surprise she had the smallest. The next day Jayme woke to the beautiful smell of bacon and harsh Browns. As she got to the kitchen she saw a huge array of delectable treats donuts custard scrolls and many more delicious treats. Jayme stacked her plate with food and headed back to her room, meanwhile her mum was downstairs stuffing her face with the rich treats. Sue had to undo her button before she started eating and now she looked like she had eaten a whole watermelon. Today Jayme would have the house to herself because her mum had to go to work. Bye her mum called, when she heard the car drive away she went downstairs with her small food baby showing. She raided all the of the drawers of food and put it all on the table. Jayme had big plans for today and she was going to have fun.

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Shades 6 years
Write more. smiley
Barry 6 years
Thanks for all the tips I appreciate it
Jazzman 6 years
After getting a bit fat the stomach capacity is stretched and appetite increases. These initial first weeks (chapters) are crucial. I like the two characters very much.
Jazzman 6 years
Nice start.Be careful of quantities and rushing the gains at the start.Most gainers gain faster as they get experience .Up to a certain weight like 400 to 500 where it slows down.At 175 to 195 a lot of gainers can start to have 20 to 30 lbs in a month.St
WannaGainBut... 6 years
Would love you to continue!!
Theswordsman 6 years
Definitely great potential