chapter 1

"Glad to finally meet you, Lucas," a man said.

"Who are you," Lucas asked. "Where am I?"

"Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Oliver. Pleasure to meet you."

"How do you know my name? Where am I?"

"Hush, now. You must feel very tense right now. I assure you, I have a perfectly great explanation for everything that I will exchange to you over dinner. Now, if you would please follow my lead, I will take you to the diner where my cooks have prepared an elegant dish for the two of us to consume. Shall we?"

Oliver started out the door. Lucas followed. For three days Lucas has been stuck in that dark room. Thankfully there was a fridge in there with two bottles of water, a sandwich, and some cold pizza. Oliver opened a grand french door that led the two to a large dining table. The two sat close by each other.

"Now, wad'ya tell me where we are?" Lucas asked.

"I said over dinner, did I not?" Oliver asked.

"Isn't this dinner? What're ya tryna' mista'?" Lucas asked.

"Nothing, Lucas. Please, try not to get too tense. We're simply waiting for our dinner to come. You see, my servants have not finished preparing our meal yet. We cannot converse until our dinner is in front of us. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience," Oliver apologized.

Lucas nodded.

"So, pray tell. What type of food do you like?" Oliver asked.

"I'm not too picky, ya see. I'll eat anythin' I can afford. From burgers to pasta to steak. Oh, I love me juicy steak. I try to eat small portions of everythin'. Since the 9th grade I've been workin' out. I got a six pack an' everythin'. So, I just wanna let ya know I won't be eatin' too much dinner, tonight. I ain't tryna to be disrpectful or nothin', but I don't wanna ruin the portion sizes I consume, not even tonight."

"Oh, we'll see about that. Brooklyn doesn't offer as good food I offer. It may be a great time for change."

"I dunno what to say. I'm a huge of food, but I try to control myself. Every now and then I do cheat. A'ight, I guess I can cheat these next coupla days. I mean I was locked in a room for about a week with little to now food. I could use all the nutrients." Lucas thought.

"Wonderful! Splendor! That's music to my ears." Oliver exclaimed.

"The food we prepared is ready, Sir Oliver," said a servant.

"Marvelous. Bring it in." Oliver said.
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Aquarius64 5 years
Does Lucas get too big and fat to climb the licorice vines. How does he get out of the food maze? There should be more to come... you’re doing well... continue.
MangaBL 7 years
All feedees need to be too fat turn their head!
Feedfig 8 years
More please!
TheBellyAppr... 8 years