Island of calypso

chapter 1

Island of calypso

You sneak to the balcony on your cruise. It's 2:34 and like that for a reason; because you want to smoke your weed. Your sure that no one at this hour will really care if you are seen, so it's as good a time as your going to get. Maybe you'll hit the food bar on your way back, munchies be damned you think whilst grabbing a hand full of belly fat. Being tubby was nothing new or welcome, but you'd hesitated in making peace with it. Carol likes it though; at least someone is enjoying it. Over the roaring waves you hear a buzzing like a thousand angry mosquitoes. The origin of the sound rides the current. A boat with fire power than the cruise's passengers. Pirates. You want to move, but you can't. Your reaction time delayed via pot. Then they spot you. A sound like a rock hitting a window shatters your ear as a bullet swipes your head like a credit card on Black Friday. All you could do is lean forward. You needed rest.

The waves offer a warm welcome when mixed with blood. So comfortable are you that you close your eye lids. Floating at sea. Then a roaring thunder stirs you to your senses. Gasping, you find some debris and hang on. The cruise has exploded. You'd check for survivors if the heat wasn't so piercing. It's so surreal you convince yourself it's a nightmare and roll over and embrace sleep.

You feel burned. The first thing you feel is that singe on your skin...uncomfortable at first, but all to unpleasant as you wait for it to. Leave. The sun doesn't help. Did you sleep on the deck all night?
The throbbing wound answers hateful obscenities. The would-be-aftermath is long gone. Sunken with your thoughts. You drift forever, occasionally splashing water on your burns to meet searing results, but some relief. Water turns to sand as you stop. You can't see all that well, but you feel the earth mold in your palms. Squeezing it like it were begging to. Crawling is your only function that hasn't failed you. You follow the sand and wince at the rocks that touch your wounds. You feel flesh. Excited you clasp around more to be sure it doesn't leave you, it has feet, so it could, but you wouldn't want to be alone again.

"It's been years since my last hero washed up to my land," a soft voice whispered. "I've had so many leave I refuse to take in another, you swine! Return to the sea and pray Neptune, is more caring!"

You shake your head, understanding a few words. But growl utterances.

"Go on, I won't have you break my heart like so many before you."

The soft whisper was gone. You wanted to hear it again. You knew it was your fault somehow, but refused to unclasp the legs of whoever it was who offered such sound after your ears were ruined. Whimpering, you look up despite the suns fury, to see the source of music. Squinting, you can't make but more than a shadow. You can't help but cry. "What has made you this way; a sniveling creature, riddled in deep cuts," she signed to herself. All you could do was fallow the sound. In your weak state of being, the legs broke from your embrace and left. This was madding to you. To display your pain, you howl and moan wildly. The wounds now itch and scratching makes it worse. Frustrated, you decide to carry on. Soon, leaves and grass are touched. Trees follow. Then light footsteps, cause you to pause and retreat, but the voice pulls you back, but it's different carries melody. The woman sits near you and leans on the tree. Her embrace is as warm as the ocean, but kinder. A cup is brought to your lips, it's taste of bark washed away with sweet nectar. The more you have the stronger you feel. Your wounds become less open and your eyes more clear. It's a shame you think, to sleep after seeing again, but the voice says otherwise.
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FrecherTyp 6 years
mhmmm...:-) would love to book a cruise trip where this ccute calypso island girl is involved ^^ :-)

a great story love the nectar idea ^^
Giantjay 6 years
You have written this beautifully, and I am completely enthralled! I look forward to a more detailed description of his physical changes as you continue (please, please continue!)
Supercode 6 years
This story continues to be excellent as it goes on! Love female weight gain too. Can a goddess become immobile in your story, I wonder?
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Oh my. I love this kind of story, and you do a great job with it! And like the protagonist in the story, I can't leave now...
Supercode 6 years
Nice begining! As a fan of greek mythology, I hope you continue this!