Chapter 1

Judy was angry. “Why do they do that?”

She was sitting in front of her TV with a bag of potato chips in her hand. “They should be happy to be like that!”

She shook the bag and the last potato crumps fell into her mouth. “It is not fair! They don’t deserve such a body!”

She was watching a commercial of the latest dieting-drink and saw a lot of skin-and-bone-girls holding up pictures of themselves, which showed them when they were fatter, saying stuff like ‘Thank God, I’m thin now! It’s like a new life!’

“You are not slim, you are a skeleton!” Judy thought.

This was at least the fourth different dieting-spot she had seen today and before that there was a talk show with the topic ‘Help me! I’m too fat for a bikini!’ Now she was really angry. She washed down the chips with the rest of the two litre Coke, switched off the TV and went into the bathroom.

“Thank God I’m slim now!’ They should be grateful to have such beautiful bodies and what do they do? They DIET!

Since she was a child Judy had a dream - she wanted to be fat. As a little girl of nine years she started to wonder ‘how it would feel to have a big belly, big ass and to weigh many times her own weight.’ She sometimes stuffed her clothes with pillows and blankets to feel fat, but that just burst the seams of her clothes. When she was twelve years old she started to look very jealousy at fat women when she saw them in town. She was even more jealous at girls of her own age who had several additional pounds on their hips.

“Why does everybody want to lose weight?” she thought stepping on the scale, “While I’m damned to stay so terribly skinny?”

The numbers on the digital scale showed 159lbs. She wasn't really skinny. She had a round and flabby little belly, which changed into two juicy rolls when she was seated. She had little fat folds on her waist and a very round ass, which jiggled a little when she walked. Her arms and legs were fleshy and her tits very round and soft, the size of very juicy oranges. Her face was round with sweet chubby cheeks, but no double chin which was something that she admired on very fat ladies. Her dark-brown hair flowed around a slim neck. Altogether she was a very sweet chubby girl, but she saw herself as terribly skinny. Judy had her own definitions for bodies, while she called the diet-girls from TV ‘skeletons’, she called her 159lbs body ‘terribly skinny’. She wanted to become fat!

Judy was now 17 and lived alone in her own little flat. She had a very nice life there and she had enough money to pay every bill and still had enough money left to have fun. But there was one thing, she could not pay for. She had enough food to live but what she really wanted were big amounts of food, fattening food, to feed herself all day long getting fatter and fatter and fatter. This was a lifestyle she could not afford. And so she tried to fatten herself up by always eating a little more or sometimes eating a chocolate bar. But she was no girl who gains weight easily and so she maintained her weight of nearly 160 lbs for over a year now. Her last hope was to find somebody who would pay for her food or even who would feed her. And so, after a long time of thinking and hesitating, she put an announcement in the internet.

‘Young girl, looking for a nice person to feed her up and make her very fat! No sexual things! Just feeding and fattening! Can’t pay you or pay for the food! If anyone is interested etc…’

“It won’t work!” she had thought.

But one day, nearly a month after she had written the announcement, she received an e-mail. It came from a young 21 years old man named David. He wrote, that he had seen her announcement and offered himself to feed her and make her as fat as she wanted to and would pay everything that would be necessary. He also promised not to try anything! Judy, who until then had not thought about it at all, was not sure if it was a good idea to invite a complete stranger into her house. But after all her curiosity and her wish to grow fat were stronger than her fear. She mailed back and invited David to visit her. He would come on Friday and for the rest of the week she was very nervous. She couldn’t think of anything else and watched herself in the mirror and weighed herself several times a day .She tried to imagine her self fatter – she couldn’t.

And then, at twelve o’clock on Friday the doorbell rang. Judy was so nervous. She ran to the door and opened it slowly. In front of her was a tall and, as she had to admit, handsome young man.

He smiled as he saw her. “Hi!” he said and Judy noticed that he was as nervous as she was. “I’m David.”

He quickly reached out to shake her hand. He had four big paper bags standing next to him and Judy saw that they were all filled with food.

“Hi, I’m Judy” she said a little embarrassed but relieved to see that he seemed to be a nice guy. “Come on in” she said and stepped aside to let him in.

“Thank you” he said and carried the bags into Judy’s living room.

“Well…em….” He didn’t know how to start, but Judy was prepared.
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Johns 14 years
Ahhhh, that was awesome! Thanks so much for the great story, I really would have loved to meet and feed Judy! smiley
Maximum 15 years
Beautiful, i'd love to visit "Judy's Heaven of Food"... smiley
15 years
This story is amasing. Well done!
16 years
You're one of the artists I prefer! Thank you for the enjoy!