By Koudelka

Chapter 1 - fat rebellion

A WeightGain-Shortstory by Koudelka

Translated by Nowaya


Li lly was never a fat kid. Okay, she was a little chubby, and had a bit of baby fat on her tummy. But for her, that was OK, and she felt perfectly fine. However, when she turned sixteen (her birthday was the 15th of December) she discovered she had gained a bit more and found herself weighing 159 pounds! It was on this day that she realized that she not only accepted her pudge- in fact, she loved it! She loved how her already tight shirts strained over her wobbly belly, how her fat round behind no longer fit in her jeans- so much so, that her hip fat arched over the waistband. To her, being fat felt distinctly better. And, even better, she no longer needed to think about what she ate. However, there was one unfortunate effect- her parents began to noticeably complain about how fat she was becoming. Lilly decided, therefore, that this was to be her personal rebellion. However, if her parents were so upset by 159 pounds, then they should perhaps wait a bit. But her bit of pudge was not ready for a heavy shock.

Eventually, she came to a decision. On New Year's Eve she resolved to gain even more. She wanted everyone to see that she, little Elisabeth, was fat and overweight. She told her best friend Tara about this, and Tara was more than glad to help.

From this day forward Lilly guzzled everything she could grab. She crammed herself full at any given oppertunity, and Tara made sure that her friend always had plenty of fattening foods in range. When the summer arrived, she had swollen out of all her clothes. Her butt was big and round, her arms and legs were fleshy, and her stomach now consisted of two great rolls. She always wore clothes that were too tight and too short, so that her fat could always be set on display. Lilly loved it. She loved her new blubbery body. She rejoiced when the people on the street gaped at her bare rolls and shook their heads. Everyone she had known for longer could barely believe it, and many assailed her with diet tips and good advice. In only five months she had gained over 67 pounds and had therefore cracked the 220-pound mark. No longer could anybody overlook that she was overweight. She had informed herself. She was almost 110 pounds overweight for her age and stature. This was so cool. She was extraordinary. She attracted attention. And that much fat felt wonderful. She felt wonderful. In any case, she needed to gain more. As fast as possible.

Around this time Tara had discovered a weight gain drink mix- ironically in a fitness shop. Lilly loved the stuff, as it neatly sped up her weight gain.
In October Lilly took to the scale to find out that her weight had reached 276 pounds. She was now the fattest girl in her grade- and the worst at gym. Her fitness and endurance had sharply declined. However, Lilly thought it was lovely that she was so out of shape. On her 17th birthday her weight had climbed up to 322 pounds. Her parents never tired of criticizing Lilly for her weight and eating habits. However, in secret they thought it would right itself after puberty was over. Lilly's belly now hung noticeably. She made sure to never stick it in her pants, preferring instead to let it hang out over her waistband. Therefore, her potbelly could always be seen sticking out under her shirts. Often she would stand naked in front of a mirror, lift her belly with both hands, let it drop, and watch as her whole body wobbled. To be fat was so cool. She couldn't believe that whole obsession with slenderness. She was extremely proud that she had more than doubled her weight in only one year. She told herself that in the future she would do even better.
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