Kitchen scene

Chapter 1 - *** *** ***

I put down the plate and fork and rub my belly with a sigh of relief at finishing the mammoth second helping she had placed before me not long ago.

I look up at her from my chair, hoping that she's impressed, but her features are difficult to read.

Judging by her silence I guess I've bettered her past lovers' attempts, so my ego gets the better of me.

"Bet you think you can make me eat more, right?" I ask assertively, aware that I was taunting her now.

"Sure," came her self-assured response.

She twirled her fingers in her hair, slyly watching my every move. My eyes couldn't help but trace her subtly feminine curves as she leant her lithe body against the kitchen countertop. Her toned midriff was exposed; so thin, so perfect. I was crazy about her. I'd fallen so hard.

"Prove it then," I demanded confidently, knowing that I already felt fuller than ever before because of her. My belly gurgled aggressively in protest at the thought of yet more indulgence coming its way.

She spies that I've become aroused by my gluttony, and fully aware of the heat that's building within me, she places a hand on my crotch and lets her supple fingers play a rhythmic tune.

I squirm pleasurably to her touch.

"Now that's, ... that's unfair," I stutter, sighing sensually as she holds me firmly in her hand.

"I never play fair," she whispers in my ear as she releases me and gathers my hands behind the chair. I hear the faint click of the handcuffs. "You should know that by now".

She kisses me on the cheek. Her sweet scent fills my nostrils.

"I'll make you beg for it. Just like a true fat boy would. And best of all, you'll thank me for it".

She smiles at me vindictively before running a slender index finger gently down the apex of my stomach, tapping it twice. She pauses a moment, as if thinking, before turning and heading towards the fridge.

"You're not quite full, not just yet. But you are getting fat, just not fat enough."

I decide to play along.

"I'll never beg you to feed me," I blurt out petulantly.


"Ever" .

"Oh, you will," she replies confidently as she opens the fridge door and reaches for an eclair, overflowing with heavy cream.

"Just you wait".

She returns to my side and hovers the eclair by my mouth with one hand and places her other on my crotch. I bite into the eclair with renewed vigour.

"More," she whispers.

And each time I take a bite, her fingers continue to work their magic. Each time I stop, she stops.

This continues until she's had to unbutton my pants and four whole eclairs are gone, and I'm close, writhing pleasurably as I yearn for my release. She can see it written upon my face. She stops stroking me as soon as I swallow my last mouthful.

"No! ... Don't stop!" I plead, my eyes closed and my hips desperately trying to buck to reach up to her hand.

"You know what to do," she says, grinning at me like a wildcat that's cornered its prey.

And that deviant smile I fell in love with reveals itself once again. I realise that I've fallen headlong into another one of her traps.

"Please, more ... more!" I appeal again, looking up at her with pleading eyes.

She grabs my crotch once more and squeezes tightly.

"No. Say 'it' ! " she whispers more forcefully in my ear, her sweet breath softly grazing my neck.

"Beg for it".

She leans into me, her breasts brushing against my side. Her soft feminine scent is driving me wild.

"Feed me. .... please, ... please!" I whimper as she begins to stroke me once again.

"That's it," she coos softly, "that's it. ... Say it".


" More!"

"I'm begging you!"

"Feed me!"


" Please!!!"

She smiles at me, and releases me from her grasp just before I get the chance to erupt. I writhe in sweet agony at being denied my moment.

She kisses me vigorously on the lips and playfully runs her hand through my hair, ruffling it out of place.

She turns and heads towards the door.

"Wait!" I blurt out, confused, and still throbbing painfully.

"Where are you going?!"

"Didn't you know?" she asks me rhetorically.

"Only 'good' boys get their 'just desserts'."

She's smiling wickedly at me now, her eyes sparkling wildly as she reaches for the light. And I'm plunged into darkness, still handcuffed to the chair.

"Don't taunt me ever again," I hear her voice whisper through the darkness as she begins to close the door behind her.

"It'll be time for breakfast soon."

"And you'd better be hungry."

"Because we've a long way to go."

"Until I'm done."

*** *** *** ***
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Ateitall 8 years
I can't wait for another installment on this story, bravo!!!
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh yes that little anxiety and excitement is good and the turning tables is even better hehe ......but i would rather try to eat even more than to stay at that chair for the night ;-((( that´s not a nice position to sleep in when you ate so much to please
Hurgon 8 years
..anxiety and excitement, what on earth she plans to feed him for breakfast.

Hurgon 8 years
Very vivid and well described. Can just picture him sitting there dumbfounded in the darkness, with only his belly's aggressive digestive gurgles for company, wondering how on earth she managed to turn the tables on him like that...and, with a mixture of
FrecherTyp 8 years
no a littel drak is ok for me since i like to find out what one is willing to do without the other one really beeing able to be mad at you ;-) but it would be always nice to see that the toher parts isn´t really mean just kiny and naughty and in the end c
Built4com4t 8 years
well done! love the realistic dialog. keep it coming
Littleextra 8 years
lol ... thanks oherland78. Good idea! smiley

I know it's a little dark, but it's what I was aiming for. Maybe I'll lighten things up a little if I write some more. Thanks again for commenting.
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh hehe nice but a little mean i hope she is at least as nice enough to come back after 10 min or so and make him a deal :" for every milkshake he drinks he gets one limp uncuffed and come to bed .....^^