Kits dark desires

chapter 1: the car ride

Hi guys, my name isn't important but for those that care about it.... you can call me Scott.

This is a story im writing about a lover of mine, and while its not true yet... I hope that one day it will be.

The alarm went off with a loud buzz, waking kit up with a start. she woke from a dream that had made her nervous but aroused. she dreamed of her ultimate fantasy and being woken from it had put a serious frown on her face.

It was the day before her 29th birthday, and she had a lot planned for the day ahead. she stood at the mirror in her room and surveyed her figure.
She was 5' 10", long black hair with blonde highlights. her ample figure, at the thought of her recent weight gain, made her horny on sight eve now. her belly was a sight to behold, large and pendulous resting on top of a large set of thighs. On top of her paunch rested a pair of plump breasts, not huge but perfect for her. Her face was framed with a ring of blubber in the form of a large double chin and plump rose colored cheeks.

As she surveyed her personal real estate, she looked over at the clock and yelped. " Shit! im going to be late." she said racing into the shower. after about 20 minutes she emerged and got dressed in an outfit most provocative.

a corset that held her belly in and accentuated her breasts perfectly. paired with a red and black plad skirt and a form fitting halter jacket.
With her hair up in a fancy doo and her makeup done, she grabbed her keys and her purse and headed out the door.

Kit lived in a nice 3rd floor apartment building in Redmond WA with her boyfriend and lover, yours truly. She took the lift down to the valet parking and called for her car. Strangely, the valet said that there was a car waiting for her and that a man of decent size and good looks had called upon her but that she had not answered when the man rang for her.

She looked puzzled and asked if the man had left a name. " Alas madam, the young gentleman did not leave a name, but he did leave this note. He seemed most well to do and said to ask you if you would join him for lunch today." The valet handed Kit the note and she opened it, it read:" To my dearest Kit, I have longed for your company for some weeks and would be happy to have you for lunch at my house on in the Woodinville valley. Please come today and I promise you a day of wonders. Until we meet.... D".

She looked at the note and suddenly felt an amazing rush of adrenaline and excitement. She looked at the valet " Please have the private car brought around. I think I will accept his invitation", to which the valet smiled and nodded as if to say " very good Madam".

The car pulled around and a tall lanky driver stepped around to open the door. He looked at her and motioned for her to get in, and get in she did. Kit was greeted upon entry with the scent of jasmine and lavender and with the sight of a woman of similar size and shape to her sitting across the cabin from her.

"My name is Jessica, and I will be your personal assistant for the time you are with my master" said the woman across from Kit. "are you hungry?" Jessica asked. " I am a bit" replied Kit, to which Jessica pressed a button and a tray of chocolates and other confections raised from hidden compartments all around them. " I have been instructed to assist you in any way I can, so if there is any thing you want or need from me please ask." said Jessica, to which Kit bit her lip and started to slowly consume all of the treats around her. As she ate her belly and breasts seamed to swell slightly. As Kit noticed this she saw that Jessica was shifting in her seat and occasionally biting her bottom lip. It was clear that Kits display was getting Jessica hot and bothered.

When Kit saw this she decided to play a little game with her assistant. She started to rub her belly and breasts and moaned softly, staring lustfully at Jessica. Jessica started to squirm more and more at this sight until she could take it no longer. Kit, seeing that her companion was about to bust, wagged her finger at Jessica as if to say " you're not allowed to do that unless I do it for you. come over here ". Kit motioned for Jessica to come over to her, which Jess did without question.

As Jessica crawled over to Kit, she could hear the cries of agony from Kits corset. Her mistresses belly swelling to the point that it might burst from its confines at any moment, the Corset creaking and groaning in protest. Once Jess reached her Mistress, she began to kiss Kits restrained belly and began making her way up to her face. Once she reached Kits plump, waiting lips they both began to make out fiercely. Groping and fondling all of each others bodies that they could.

All of this sent Kit to the verge of orgasm. But as soon as she was at the edge of pure ecstatic bliss, a voice sounded over the intercom " Ladies, we are approaching the manor. please make yourselves presentable". Both women moaned in protest and exclaimed with playful anger at the horrible timing of this event. They both cleaned up as best they could and tried to regain their composure. Just as they finished regrouping, the door opened and a the driver helped the women out onto a sea stone lined driveway of an extremely large villa.

The sight of this house was breath taking. As Kit surveyed the estate in sheer amazement, Jessica put her hand on Kits shoulder and said" Welcome, My dear, Welcome to Cassa De La Rouche".

To be continued.
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