Katies fat

Chapter 1

hi my names katie. im a 25 year old biochem major studying at harvard uni. im 6' 3" with brown hair and blue eyes. my weight... well we will get back to that later.

so im going to intrust my good friend kristy to tell my story of how i got to were i am now. take it away kristy!!!

*enter kristy the nararator*

ok so it all started a few months ago on the day before katies birthday.

katie had just finnished her lunch and was leaving teh collage caffitereia when her day got interesting. she was walking out of the building, wearing her black leatehre hoodie jacket with her grey hood over her head when these 3 wannabe fatties start to pick on her.

there names were jesse, chloe, and nika. each one of them was probably around 300lbs and each was a different body type. jesse, she was a major apple shape. huge tits arms and upper belly and modest everything els. chloe was the opposite, she was a pear shape. and nika, well she was the rare "papple" shape. nika was just a fatty all around. anyway they were asking katie what she had been up to the last few months since they haddent seen her around there usual hangouts like burgerworld and chunky charlies.

now as the three were asking these things of katie, katie had already started to feel the common pressure and fullness building up inside her. she could feel her cloths slowly start to get tighter and tighter. her anger at the girls soon turned to overwhelming lust for her secret to be known....

*enter katie* now im gonna cut in here for a minit. remember when i said id get back to the part about my weight? well heres the thing, IM FUCKING FAT!!! im not talking like 300-400lbs... im talking like up around 5000lbs. now your probably asking yourself "how is this possible". well its actualy quite simple realy, see i have an extremely rare desease that makes all the calories i take in turn directly into fat immideately after consumtion. now along with my massive size came a saveing grace, the condition also makes it so that my body, instead of being harmed by fat, thrives off of it. so you see, the fatter i get, the stronger and more healthy i get. plus it makes it so that when ever i get mad i start to blimp up into my fat self and trust me... thats one of the best feelings i have ever felt.

now il leave further discription for later. back to you kristy

*reenter kristy*

anyway, there katie was... her cloths getting tighter by the minit, her body writhing in pleasure, and these socalled "fat girls" yapping on. katie thaught to herself, " i think its time to show these girls just what it means to be fat".

with that, jesse shouted at katie" you aint fat at all anymore!!!!"... and at once katie screamed at the girls, " you think your fat??!!! you aint fat!! you aint nothing, you AINT NOTHING!!!!". as katie said these words her body started to wobble and jiggle violently and like water balloons being filled with pudding, one by one her body parts blubbed up with fat.

to be continued...
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Nok 8 years
That writing style's intentional right? Awesome.
Nerdy Girl 12 years
not really what i would normaly read but for extremists I am sure they would love it
David The Ge... 12 years
hey guys, if you read this please comment. its my first story up here so let me know what you think