Jesse and the fat pill

Chapter 1 - the pill

"Baby im home and boy do i have a suprise for you" she calls to me. Jesse is 5' 10" 485lbs. shes 26 and the two of us have been together for almost 5 years at this point. all her life, jesse has wanted to be fat. and not just fat, FAT AS A MOUNTAIN OF LARD FAT!!! little did i know that today would be the day that both her dreams and mine would come true.

I walk into the living room and find her in nothing but a bakini top and a pair of booty shorts. it looks like both parts are made of spandex. she holds up a tiny pill and looks at me with a look of lust and excitement. " this little pill is going to make our dreams of me becoming a huge blob of fat come true" she says and i just look at her with a skeptical look. " dont believe me??? then watch and get ready to have a blob of lard for a girl friend" she says as she pops the pill into her mouth.

the changes start slowly, her belly starting to jiggle, then the jiggling spreading to all over her body. soon i can visably see her fat body starting to rise like dough. "you better get that 5 ton scale under me fast babe, i think i just passed 800lbs in only a few seconds". as she says that i quickly wheel in the 5 ton freight scale and she laborly steps up on top of it. as soon as she does it reads " your weight is : 985lbs" and within seconds it reads as 1000lbs. at this point i start to step back as i hear a loud gurgleing sound coming from her belly.

as soon as i hear that sound her body seems to just blimp up to enormous preportions within only a few seconds. the scale goes from reading as 1300lbs to over 5000lbs in only a few minits.

by this point she looks incredible. her ass is 9 feet wide and sticks out 4 feet behind her. her belly is huge and jiggly, having 4 huge rolls and sticking out 4 feet on either side of her and about 6 feet in front of her. her thighs, calvs, ankles and feet have all but melded together into giant fat blobs. her arms are as huge as whine casks and are filled with celulite, causing her to have huge sattlebag upper arms followed by giant lower arms that fold over her fat laden hands and sausage fingers forming a pair of fat flippers. her breasts are the size of jumbo beach balls, long since surpassing anything the common cup sizes had for her. and then her neck has dissapeared under a 4 foot thick ring of blubber around her head and under her 8 huge fat chins. her cheeks are huge fatty jouls.

by the time her growth stops the scale reads out her weight as 9500lbs. "so what do you think hunny?" i look at her and know that im going to love this new body of hers.

to be continued.... maybe..
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Tictok12345 11 years
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Completely unrealistic but its a dream so, kudos.