Lexi and ghouliette

chapter 1: a little tenderness...

Lexi leaned back into the svelte Julie's arms. Her funny foreign friend, all skin and bones with the palest skin and long black hair. And who knew, but apparently Europe had Hot Topic stores; Julie's royal purple dress, sleek and elegant was contrasted by fishnet leggings and a big, Gothic wooden crucifix on her necklace. Lexi felt plain next to her, in simple summer running shorts and crop top that exposed her own, admittedly growing, midriff. She indulged Julie in the impromptu cuddling; the sweetie from... southern Europe? Eastern Europe? ...was always eager for a squeeze or a hug. It was odd, but... Lexi had to admit... it was kinda nice. She was also one hell of a cook, which led to...

"Doughnut..." Purred Julie as she traced a lazy circle on the full of Lexi's increasingly doughy tummy.

"In America, it's called a 'spare-tire.'" Said Lexi as she scrunched her nose in discomfort. Julie didn't mean any harm, and she was always so positive with Lexi about her body, but...

"Non! I mean, I vant to feed you doughnuts. And pastries! More sveets for mah sveet Lex-ee!" Julie spoke a dozen languages, slipping in accents from the countries in which she'd lived the longest into her speech.

"It's because of you that I'm getting so chubby, you know." Complained Lexi.

"Oui! More sveets for my Lex-ee, means more Lex-ee for me!" The skinny girl squeezed her plumping friend with surprising strength for a girl with her build. "More more more! Mah dark beauty, my squishy American girl-friend! Je t'adore!"

Lexi relaxed in Julie's arms as that firm squeeze became a tender cuddle and those teasing fingers became a comforting tummy rub. She turned her head slightly back to catch a glimpse of... was that admiration? or adoration? affection? ... even love? on Julie's blushing, smiling face... ...and gave her funny, touchy-feely, home-cooking-that-really-put-meat-on-her-bones, pretty foreign... friend? girlfriend? ... a contented smile. The girls held hands. If Julie was going to keep holding her so nicely, and looking at her so sweetly, then Lexi thought she'd let the European beauty feed her as much as she liked. Lexi closed her eyes and leaned her head back with a beaming grin on her face.

Julie blushed even harder, gave the plump American another squeeze, and flashed a hint of razor-sharp teeth when she grinned.
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Xandercroft 8 years
I remember this! Bone chillers, that's a while ago. Good stories but I recommend finishing one...lots of unfinished lit on here )
Fuzzyfeeder 8 years
Feedback is appreciated...