Sense of self

chapter 1

There was the creak of strained denim. The thin, cheap cushion of the auditorium seat flattened under Lisa as she sat down, offering little comfort. She shifted her hips in a vain effort to relax in the awkwardly shaped seat; it made little difference whether she slouched or sat ramrod straight. Eventually she settled on shifting her bottom forward and leaning back.


Lisa's mental checklist ran through her head for the tenth time that afternoon. Once again, she confirmed to herself that most of her assignments were complete and turned in, with the next part of her experiment running steadily in the lab. She wouldn't need to check in on that until Sunday morning. Her roommate was out of town until Monday evening. Her buddy Jonathan had his nose to the grindstone on a paper for the next day or two. And this was her last class for the week, and an elective she enjoyed, no less.


She leaned forward to grab her tablet from her purse, turning her legs to the side and reaching down. She was highly aware of how far down her thighs touched and how her belly bunched up and squished against her lap. Leaning back again, holding her iPad against her chest, Lisa closed her eyes and listened to the hustle and bustle of hundreds of students finding their seats. She took in a long, deep breath and felt the constraint of plush arms, bosom, and stomach rolls pressed together.

A sweet voice was making its bouncy, care free way closer to Lisa with a series of cheerful 'sorries' and 'pardon mes.' Imagining that she'd need to let this person pass by, Lisa opened her eyes and prepared to move her legs out of the way... Just when the pretty voice and the overflowing upperclassman girl it belonged to seated herself with a notable impact. "Hi." They said to each other.

She wasn't the heaviest girl that Lisa had ever seen, and Lisa herself wasn't exactly dainty, but all she could think was: 'wow...' Her arms were so thick that they rubbed against Lisa's, her hips and sides filled up the seat, and her belly occupied about a fourth of her lap. Lisa buried her face in her tablet screen, busying herself with recalling notes and preparing for class. She hoped that the scrumptiously heavy cutie didn't notice her blushing and glancing at the girl's adorable double chin.

Her name was Mary. She was a senior with an English major, while Lisa was yet a freshman in the chemistry department. Lisa was in the sci-fi and fantasy club while Mary was in one of the sororities. They had, it turned out, almost nothing in common.

Almost nothing...

A frosty afternoon in early March was hardly a time for ice-cream, especially since one last blizzard had recently swept through the campus. The air was crisp and the last of the snow was fading on the grass. Lisas's cheeks burned all the same, so smores ice cream in a wafflecone seemed like just the thing. This sort of indulgence was exactly the reason that Lisa had very nearly put on the freshman-fifty since August, but that didn't stop her.

Her roommate Samantha had no self-control where food was concerned, either. Last week she'd complained about having her tummy squeezed during a visit to her old high-school friends. Lisa didn't want to tell her that it was because Samantha had grown a pot-belly and birth'n hips. Actually, Lisa and Samantha had put on probably the same amount of weight, the only difference being that Samantha started out slim, unlike the perpetually plump Lisa. The two girls had spent the last two semesters packing on pounds and outgrowing their clothes. Most days it took work not to notice how Sam's bust had filled out, or how her bottom filled out her jeans...

Lisa listened to the crunch of snow under her feet, savored the flavor of marshmallow and vanilla on her tongue, and remembered how Mary patted her middle when they complained about how tiny the seats were... And how dimples formed on her cheeks when she smiled... Halfway across the field, with her dorm building in sight, Lisa stepped off the path and away from the other students walking here and there. She finished her treat.


Lovely as it was, the ice cream had done nothing to slow Lisa's fluttering heart or cool the heat swelling up inside her. By the time she reached the privacy of her room she wasn't even trying to control it anymore. There was a box of chocolates on her desk, a full-length mirror opposite the bed, and an entire evening of free time.

First the jeans were off, then the purple shirt covering her pudgy tummy and then her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Once her panties slid off she saw how they'd been digging into her waist... again... She jiggled her way over to the mirror to admire her own figure and admire it she did.

She'd put on so much pudge.

She lingered on the roundness of her dimpled thighs, to big to fit both hands around. She pinched and squeezed her stomach rolls, thinking of how much bigger they could be if the next few years went the same way this one had. She could even become as big as that girl Mary.


Lisa said it aloud when she started stroking her nipples between her fingers. She could be as big as Mary. She popped a chocolate into her mouth and started to squeeze her inner thighs. She watched the blush in her cheeks rise, how the dimples in her cheeks form as she smiled, and how she was growing a baby double-chin.

She squeezed the pillows forming on her arms, the feeling of a handful of plush fat in her fingers and the feeling of being squeezed.

She cupped the girth of her breasts; the sensation of tender flesh being stroked and the weight in her hands.

She pinched her own love handles, smiling at the little tickle and the recognition of just how wide she'd grown.

She sat down heavily on the bed, had another chocolate, opened her legs, and let her fingers play around in the heat and moisture.

If only she could find someone to play with, someone to appreciate the feast for the senses, food and fat. In the meantime Lisa would make do with her own sumptuous self.
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