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chapter 1

I'm going to start a series of posts where I offer suggestions on how to write more interesting and hopefully more titillating fetish stories. This is not a Masters course in creative writing, just a few things to keep in mind that *might* be helpful to anyone who wants to share their fantasies with the community.

The most important part of writing fetish literature is to keep in mind that you are writing literature first, and the fetish is simply the backdrop. The fetish elements are the context. The fetish details are the window dressing. The story, vignette, snippet, short, or whatever you call your work is first and foremost a work of creative writing where you need to pay attention to the fundamentals.

Fundamentals Lesson #1: Characterization

For this lesson we will focus on what kind of character the main character is, and how you can go about helping the audience understand that character. We'll say the main character is a young woman who has put on a lot of weight and been quite lazy, but that by itself is not characterization. That's the fetish element. What needs to be figured out is what kind of person she is and what kind of personality traits she will show. Once you have that, you need to figure out how she'll show those traits.

Let's have some examples. For the first one, we'll say that the main character is supposed to have strong willpower and determination despite being in a dangerous circumstance.

Hannah controlled her breathing carefully. The moment of truth was approaching fast and any mistake might be her last. Her sausage fingers slid under the light, silken blankets and found the grisly memento of the last unfortunate victim of this gilded cell. Her muscles were tense and tight, her pulse raced in her ears, but she kept her breathing slow and light. Hannah was weak from months of victuals and sedentary lazing in this luxurious captivity. The vile crone that kept her was much stronger, Hannah knew, than she appeared, while Hannah had never been much of an athlete. She was tall, for a young woman, and healthy... well nourished at least. Honestly, she was overflowing; after all this time and so much rich food she was a butterball if ever there was one. The moment crept closer, rather: the crone plodded noisily down the hallway to the cell with the express intent of dragging the fat girl out into the kitchen and butchering her. Hannah controlled her breathing meticulously. The sharpened bone left over from the last girl the crone had devoured was hidden under the blanket and Hannah appeared to be asleep. The crone would unlock and enter the cell, then the moment would be upon her... Hannah was weak, the crone was stronger, but Hannah knew that after waiting for her chance, her now or never chance, that she was the one who would walk away from this alive... not the despicable wretch that took the form of an ancient witch.

In the example the main character Hannah shows her willpower by controlling her own body despite the tension and fear of a killer coming to do her harm. Her determination is demonstrated to the audience through the macabre plan and her certainty that despite her disadvantage she will triumph. The fetish elements are still present: she's been heavily fattened during her captivity by the evil feeder. There's a variety of descriptive language to help the reader picture her. Sections like the one above help the audience care about what's going on in the story, get more invested in it, more excited in general, and that excitement helps build up the titillation of the fetish elements.

Let's have another example. It isn't always necessary to come up with some elaborate situation to show what a character is like. Sometimes all you want to do is describe a sexy interaction between two characters. For this one we'll focus on a submissive young lady being teased by her dominant feeder. Remember, the fetish elements are still just the context, there needs to be more to her than just that. We'll make our main character a happy, playful person; but also someone who can get other people to please her without them realizing what she's doing.

Alexandra was reclining at one end of the couch, smiling with her rosy cheeks as much as with her lips, her lips that she promptly pursed coyly at his approach. Her chubby face was framed with her bob cut black hair, her bright, happy eyes beamed up at him. There were crumbs on her chest, and on the top of her heavy, lap-filling dough-girl belly. She had a little chocolate covered pretzel in one hand, the almost empty bag on the floor beside her. She popped the treat teasingly into her mouth and brushed the bag with her fingers suggestively. He knelt beside her and took her hands gently, but firmly, in his. He placed them neatly on her belly and then gestured one finger to his lips. She smiled and obeyed. He poked his finger into the full of her jelly-like tummy several times, each time whispering: "plumper" "chubster" "greedy girl" or "piglet"... She giggled and blew him kisses. He leaned in and told her, sweetly but firmly: "I'm going to go start on dinner... and you are going to clean your plate with your little piglet tongue before I let you up from the table..." Her eyes lit up and she inhaled enthusiastically. He stood up and fetched a fresh bag of chocolate covered pretzels for her. She whispered sweetly: "yes sir!"

Notice how most of the example is made of describing the character physically or showing the feeder dominating her: the fetish elements. Even so, Alexandra shows her playfulness with her expressions and how she acts with her treats. Both of these can be described quickly and in few words but nevertheless clearly help the audience figure out aspects of her personality. This helps her feel like a person, as in a person that the reader can easily imagine, as in a person that feels more real to the audience. If she feels more real, the reader can feel a greater sense of titillation. It's the difference between asking the audience to imagine any random girl without telling them anything about her, and asking them to develop a clear mental image that they can focus on.
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This is well done and just what I needed right now. Thank you.
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When reading other people’s stories, I get annoyed at poor spelling and lack of attention to basic grammar, which leads to me not concentrating on the story then not completing it.
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Feedback is appreciated...
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Really good advice. Thanks!