Love handels

chapter 1

Henry and I have known eachothers forever, but we found love about year ago. Since that, we had nice relationchip, but there was something missing. We both had one secret, hided somewhere deep in our hearts, until the moment when we was ready to show it. Henry wanted to be feeded, and what a luck that I wanted to feed someone. I think it was destiny, we were ment to be together, but when we shared same secret, it made us wild. I still can't believe it.
Henry have always been "normal weight ". Not undrer-, or overweight. Myself I don't care much about scale, but I have always been slim. But damn how I love men with huge bellies! They drive me crazy...Their softness and everything. It makes me wet faster than anything. Feeding him is so hot, i can barely handle it. I want to make him atleast over 300-400 pounds or more. Now he is about 200 pounds.
He started with tiny love handles, but they are going to grow, i love to rub his belly. His favourite thing is when I sit on his legs and feed him. It's erotic. And what happends on nights, it's something unbelievable satisfying.
I was coming home from store. I opened door. He wasn't there yet. Nice, I have much time to make dinner the, I thinked. When he finally came, I forced him to eat way more than needed. He enjoyed every single piece of it. His favourite thing is force feeding, it drives him crazy. He can't get enought of it, neither do I...
His belly looks bigger than ever, I stuffed more food to him than ever, that made it most satisfying moment in long time. We rubbed his belly and went to watch tv. He love to make fun of our weight difference. Sometimes I feel very small in his arms, but it makes me comfortable, when there is only him I can see.
It was time of evening snacks. This time was different, he started to stuff things to my mouth. I felt full, but he wasnt going to stop on long time. When my belly hurted, I was so wet of being force feeded, I understood him perfectly. My belly looked exactly like I was pregnant. He was going to feed me more, but I remembered him that it was my turn to feed him. I made very big milkshake that I made him drink. After big stuffing we was both full and happy, specially me, since this was my first big stuffing by him...
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