My man

Chapter 1 - my man ~ chapter 1

Do you know the feeling, when something truly unexcept happen? Neither did I before today.
My day started normally. I woke up, ate breakfast, washed my face, got dressed and got train to university. It's my first year of law school. Once I believed I would became a lawyer. Not anymore. I have no idea what is going to happen to me. Everything was just like always, until I saw him on train. He was so damn good looking. I loved how his brown hair made his perfect face look even better. But his eyes, I have no words to descripte them. They were green as forest. The look in his eyes, it was kind, strong, but worried when he asked me, have I saw his dog. First I didn't get, what he asked. I was shy to ask him repeat. I was so focused on his eyes, unbelievable hot lips and body of god. I aswerd that I haven't, but promised to help with all possible ways. He laughed a little and thanked me. He gave me his number and told me to call him if I found his dog.
Then I remembered it. I was going to school, but forgot it. Damn, I was late. And I even drived over my stop. But I was not too sad, I had this nice guy to talk with. I got to know that his name is Nathan. I told him I was Cornelia. He didn't think it to be weird name, like others. He said it's beautiful. I blushed. Then it happend. He got closer to me and whispered, do I want to come with him? To find that dog? He smelled so good, I wasnt able to stand on my foots, but he was so close that I didn't have to. His arm was on my back. It was breathtaking. I didn't want that weird, unbelievable, but lovely moment to end. Never. I have never felt this way. I've never been so weak in front of any guy. Not after my parents died when I was ten. Why would this one to be different? Why would I let him take control over me? I didn't have answer to any of my questions. Every clever thing I had in my head, was missing when I most needed them to get me out of this. But no, we just walked out of train. I didn't try to escape, when he stopped a taxi for us. We went in, he gave me something to drink. I don't know why didn't I run for my life. Why didn't I scream. I just fell to sleep, on his legs in taxi to going somewhere I dont know.
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Nok 7 years
I like everything about this story. Love the talk of marriage and babies, or him using her to exercise. And especially the anticipation and tension. Very hot.
Gatnip 7 years

I'm too lazy to open computer to write, please excuse me ;-P
And I want to write when I get idea what would happen next. smiley

And thank you!
It's nice to hear that you like it smiley
Nok 7 years
Well bud, writing on the phone definitely doesn't do you any favors. That said, I really like your story. Good emotional description, and I like what I've seen of the characters. GL