Just one more bite..

chapter 1

Oh, I received a text message. "Would you like to celebrate christmas holiday with us?" It was from mom. It's been three years since I last saw my family, because I've been studying in London, but never had time to travel back home for holidays. My hole family and all relatives live in Jyväskylä in Finland, that is how it have always been before i moved. That is why I am exited, when I answer my mom that I will happily join them. I called my british boyfriend Sam. We have been dating for two years. I explained him where I am going for holidays and asked him to come with me. He said he can't come with me, as he have to work all christmas, but said that his boss promised him more longer summer holiday. Still, I was kind of dissapointed that he couldn't join me.

"Flight is landing, please stay on your seats 'till we have on the ground. It's raining snow and -16°C outside. " I heard from plane's radio. Hrrr..that' going to be way more colder that I got used to in these three years in London. But when I get out of airplane station and see all those beautiful trees with snow on them, dark sky with bright stars and breath fresh and cold air, I feel I'm finally home. Then I see my dad who came to get me.
I run with my bags to hug him.

Finally, after long way from London to Jyväskylä, we arrive to my parents house. There i get to hug everyone, even my every grandparent,aunt and cousin are there, just to see me. That made me smile more thsn anything, I forget every worries I hae before coming here. It was so easy to just relax and enjoy. At dinner there were everything I could have named as traditional finnish food. Example Karelian stew and pies with egg butter, fish, different kind of vegetable purees, potatoes and big ham. Table was large, but all of that food still didn't have room on it.

I had forgot how perfect it all smelled, but when we started eating, the taste of food was like orgasm in my mouth. It was heaven. When I got my plate almost empty, there where always someone to ask me to take more. I didnt see it as problem, because I wanted to taste everything. I didn't feel too full yet, so had to take food again and again. After that, it was time of deserts. I felt so full, nyt seing all of those christmas cakes, home made gingerbreads and chokolate made me wait them. I drank many cups of that perfect, red, warm and sweer drink, called mulled wine. Everyone were happy around the table, they smiled and talked. I didn't even realise myself putting just one more chocolate fondat to my mouth, once in a while, for long time. Then was time for some more mulled wine and cookies.

At the end of evening, I felt so sleepy, that had to go sleep straight away. This have been so long day. I fell asleep more faster than in long time. This was just first day..
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