Mark takes charge

chapter 1

Mark was a senior in high school and had just turned 18. He lived at home with his older sister Tori, who was taking a year off before college, and his mother, Lisa. Both siblings were is good shape. Tori was slender and athletic with a tight round butt from tennis and field hockey, and Mark was muscular with strong arms and chest and ass, though his butt and belly were a bit beefy from his tendency to overeat when Lisa wasn't looking.

In fact, their mom's influence was a bit factor on his fitness. She kept them both on a strict diet and exercise routine, one that Tori would have done anyway but that Mark had recently started chafing at.

One September morning Tori came down the stairs to something unusual. She'd spent the weekend camping with her field hockey teammates and had got in late the night before. She found Mark sitting at the table in his underwear and tanktop with a giant pile of pancakes in front of him. His belly bulged out in front of him. He looked like he'dgained ten pound since she was away! Behind him in the kitchen, Lisa scrambled about making more.

Mark drenched the nearest stack with syrup and began eating greedily. "Just keep 'em coming, Mom!" he yelled into the kitchen.

"You got it, dear!" she eagerly replied.

Tori watched in awe as her brother gobbled stack after stack of fattening breakfasttreats, his stomach swelling larger and larger until his shirt rolled up over it.

"Finished, sweetie?" Lisa asked as she entered the dining room to find him groaning and rubbing his engorged gut with sticky syrupy fingers.

He moaned a little then patted his drum-tight belly and answered, "I dunno, mom... why don't you make me another stack just in case?"

"What's going on?" Tori whispered. "Why is mom letting you eat like this? Hell, she's practically stuffing you like a prize pig!"

Mark shrugged. "I dunno. I guess she felt I was doing so good on my diet I deserved a treat. I'm sure it won't last too long."

"It better not," Tori agreed, "or you'll get even fatter." She poked his swollen stomach.

He shrugged. "I was bound to gain a little bit eating like this. I'm not worried. I'm only up to 190. I'll lose the gut once this is over."
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Knightorder 5 years
I hope you continue this.
AshBear 5 years
So good! Can't wait to see how far he pushes it! smiley
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
You’re doing well on this. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Nice job.