Marooned (finished)

  By Cggo

Chapter 1 - marooned (1)

This story was created by Likembig on deviantart, don't hesitate to check his profile, i bought this commission to him 6 months ago and more parts will come, enjoy !


The three young women opened their eyes to find that the raft had washed up upon some sort of tropical beach. They were exhausted, hungry and thirsty, but they each managed to crawl up out of the inflatable craft and set foot on the sand.

Lucile tried ineffectually to brush the wet sand off of her pale slender legs. Giving up, she brushed long blonde locks of hair out of her eyes and exclaimed, “Mon Dieu, is it too much to ask that we found some sort of resort?”

Anaisha closed her brown eyes and meditated for a moment to express gratitude for finding land. She tied up her raggedy shirt, exposing a trim, brown midriff, and replied, “One would hope that at least we will find help.”

Tia ran a hand through the tight curls of her black hair and formulated a plan. Turning to the others, the ebony skin of her bare arms still glistened with salt water. “We have to be ready in case we don’t. We should move the raft up to the tree line, then try to find fresh water.”

The other two did as Tia suggested. While adrift for days, the three had managed to develop something of a friendship, and besides, Tia’s ideas generally had kept them alive. Once the raft was moved the went over their supplies, and then went in search for water.

The jungle was dense, and noisy, and somewhat frightening. The girls huddled together as they traipsed through the undergrowth, looking for any signs of fresh, accessible water. They walked for a couple hours before they realized they were lost.

While the other two started to mutter and fidget, Tia said, “Okay, there is no need to panic. If we make sure to walk in a single direction, we will end up on the beach somewhere. Then it’s just a matter of walking around until we get to the raft.” Lucile and Anaisha nodded, and they continued.

As the sun was nearing the horizon, it didn’t look hopeful for the three women. Then, suddenly, they stepped out of the jungle onto a finely manicured lawn. At first stunned, they recovered quickly when they saw the huge mansion nearby. Practically running, they managed to hit the doorbell simultaneously.

The door opened to reveal a slender gentleman in a suit jacket and tie. Apparently unfazed by the condition of the visitors, he said in an emotionless voice, “May I help you?”

Tia spoke up first. “We are victims of a plane crash and came ashore, and then got lost in the jungle.We would appreciate any help you could give us. We’re very thirsty and hungry.

The man paused for a half-moment, then said, “Of course. Won’t you come in.” He opened the door all the way and ushered them into the large foyer. As he led them into the main hall, Anaisha gaped at the opulent decor, while Lucile didn’t look twice. Tia was somewhere in between, and asked, “This is a lovely house. Is it yours?”

“No, madam. The residence, and in fact the island belong to my employer, whose identity must remain anonymous. I am Colton, his butler, chief-of-staff, and personal assistant.”

Colton led them to a pair of doors on the ground floor and opened them. “Here you should find a chance to wash up, and changes of clothing that should suit you. Dinner will be served in one hour. I will return to fetch you then.” Once they were inside, he shut the doors.

They were standing in a large living area with three sets of double doors leading off to bedrooms. On a table was a huge pitcher of water and glasses, that the women flocked to immediately. They all reached for the pitcher at once, then all withdrew their hands at once to let to others go first. Anaisha spoke up first, “You should drink first, Tia, since you rationed out less water for yourself on the raft.” Lucile nodded.

Tia replied, “Tell you what. I’ll pour for all of us, then we can all drink.” She picked up the pitcher and poured the water into the three glasses. Then they each picked up a glass, and drink thirstily.

Once sated, they explored the bedrooms to find each had a large walk-in closet and an adjoining bathroom. The closets were filled with clothes of all manner of styles, and sizes ranging from average to positively huge. Soon they each picked a bedroom, showered, and found something of their liking to wear.

Exactly one hour later, there was a knock at the door. “Ladies? Dinner is served.” When they opened the door, Colton was there and as they came out he opened the doors across the hall. Beyond them was a room with a fancy fireplace on one side. Dominating their view was a long dining table and enormous amounts of food covering everywhere on it except for the place settings. Colton pulled out chairs for them, one by one, and served a large amount of food onto each of their plates.

Each of the women looked at the bounty before them, then each other. While these fatty meats, potatoes, and breads weren’t when any of them tended to eat, they were all very hungry, so they began to eat.

Colton watched them eat with that emotionless expression, surreptitiously placing more food on their plate so they wouldn’t realize they were eating just a bit more. By the time they were done all three women had overdid it, and groaned as their tiny stomachs were stretched uncomfortably.He pulled their chairs out one by one and helped them to their feet.

“I’m certain you’ll want to retire after your ordeal. I will begin making contract with the appropriate people, and in the morning, we’ll see about getting you where you belong.” He led them back to their suite amid their groans, and saw each of them to her chosen bedroom. “Good night, madams.” With that he exited to the hall and closed the doors.

Not in much of a state to do anything else, the three young women crawled into their respective beds and drifted off to sleep.


The airplane was quite crowded by the time Rajit and Anaisha were boarding. As they worked their way to their row about two-thirds of the way to the tail, Rajit complained, “Ah, why did you need to spend so much time in that shop, honey? We could have boarded in peace ten minutes ago.”

Anaisha smiled, as she always did. “It’s not that bad, dearest. Besides, I know how cranky you would have been if I had not gotten your favorite candy to have on the flight.”

Soon they got to their seats. Anaisha graciously took the middle one so her boyfriend could be on the aisle. Once they were settled, he put a hand on her knee. “Rajit! We aren’t even engaged!” With a sigh he removed his hand.

After takeoff, Anaisha looked at the magazine while Rajit watched a movie. After a couple hours and they were out over the ocean, a voice came over the loudspeaker. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain. We are about to experience some severe turbulence, so we would ask all passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts until further notice. Thank you.”

Moments later, the cabin shook rather violently. Anaisha closed her eyes, and reached over to hold Rajit’s hand.

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BootyProotie 4 years
As cool as the story is I can't help but think of epstein....
Rickeb 4 years
Just short of a metric ton.
Theswordsman 4 years
I could be wrong but im pretty sure they weigh more then a ton combined
Maxis192 4 years
Lucile or Anaisha - who is the shortest?
Chubbypup 4 years
A tropical island where there's nothing to do but feed and fuck? This woman is living a fantasy and trying to escape!
Karenjenk 4 years
I really like this.
tricked and forced
and you write really well. descriptive