Meaty petey

Chapter 1 - part one - introduction

Meaty Petey. Finally. A store that rewards people for having a little meat on their bones. In this generation, there is constant mockery of the overweight; there are countless products designed to lose weight; there are magazines filled with slim models; no room for fat. Not on Petey's watch. Mr. Petey Hefty, owner of the store Meaty Peat, decided it was about time to act up. He rebranded his store and changed everything about it. It is now a store that sells grossly high caloric foods. It holds eating competitions every other day (with an entrance fee of $20 and an admission fee of $10). Prizes are handed down to those who pass a certain amount of weight; there is never a second without food in your mouth; 24 hour food and junk delivery service; contests; classes on how to gain weight; etc. etc. etc.

There is one located in every state, but the one located in Los Angeles, California is where it all started. Hollywood is the origin, like many others, of Meaty Petey. That's where Mr. Hefty had a vision for those who wanted to live in a world full of weight gain and happiness. Originally a small 2000 square foot room, the store has expanded into a huge skyscraper, filling the entire 96.000 square foot block with a grand total of 30 floors. It's safe to say that the area was not short on space.

2016. 5 years since the grand opening of the Meaty Petey. With over 100 visits per hour. They were doing well.



The crowd went wild. The food eating contest was wild. It lasted for about 2 hours. The winner, Takumi, stuffed 200 cupcakes in his mouth while his opponent only stuffed 190. His opponent soon couldn't handle it and fell to th eground. Takumi stood up with dignity and felt his belly droop down. Ah, what a fat-fucking pig I am, he thought. The crowd was still wild. Why not rile them up some more, Takumi thought. And that's exactly what he did. He pushed out with all his might... POP! His jeans button popped. RIP! His flabs burst through the seams of his jeans. He grabbed his belly with his hands and moved it up and down and soon began to juggle his moobs around. The crowd went senseless. What a good day, Takumi thought.
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