Medical check up

Chapter 1 - fantasy of mine.

This is my first story / fantasy that I have written in here. Don't be shy to give me feedback. Hopefully you will like it :)
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I have had this fantasy for a long time.

I would go to to medical check up regularly like every 6 months or a year. There would be same nurse every time giving me this check up.

I would start out thin. She would put me on scale and measure my waist every time. I would have flat belly and my weight would be low. I would take my t-shirt off so she could easily measure my belly size. My waist would be like 28 inches.

I would start to gain weight on purpose by eating chocolate, all the fattening food and being really sedate. Of course not telling her this.

Next time I would go to check up I would be slightly heavier. She would put me on the scale and would be slightly surpised because my weight gain. After weighting I would take off my t-shirt so she could measure my belly. My belly would be rounder, heavier and I could tell that she is surpised to see my belly swollen up bigger size. I would have gained like 15 pounds.

She would comment that my weight gain didn't seem so much when I had my shirt on but now she can really see my belly rounding out. She would measure my belly, telling me to relax and give my belly slight poke. My waist would be like 34 inches.

After that she would ask about my diet and if I'm aware of my weight gain. I would of course deny that I wouln't have any idea about gained weight. She would say that my slight weight gain is not an issue yet but if my belly would start to expand /swell up then I would be in trouble.

Next time my weight would have gone up quite much. My face would have started to get rounder with hint of double chin. I could see on her reaction just by looking that she is surpised how the way I look. My belly would be rounder of course and my t-shirt would be tight.

She would put me on scales to weight me and she would be really surpised on results. She would make note that my belly is starting block view on my feet. I would have gained 28 pounds.

After that she would aske me to remove my shirt because she needed to measure my waist. When I started to pull my shirt off lower belly would cling into shirt, when I would take my shirt off belly would bounce up and down.

My belly would be round with deep bellybutton and my belly would have started hang over my jeans.

Her reaction would be shocked and slightly disgusted. I could tell that she would avoid touching my belly when measuring. My waist would be like 37 inches.

She would ask if I have changed to another pants because my weight gain, noticing that jeans were fastened under the belly and belly would hang freely.

When I would sit down my belly would swell up in front of me and nearly touch my legs. She would ask if my belly would touch my legs yet and of course I would say no to that.

She would question my diet and exercice routine because I'm starting to get heavy especially on my belly area and even my chest has started to round out, beginner moobs. In her mind I shouln't eat any more candy, especially chocolates because they are so fattening. Chocolate ban! She would say.

She would recommend going to gym to burn excess calories and trying make body firmer. She would especially recommend doing push up because of my flabby chest.
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So this has been always been my fantasy. That female fa, feeder or woman would keep track of my weight gain, charting weight gain, take pictures and comment about how body has been growing / expanding. Especially my belly and moobs.

Has anyone else have this fantasy or experient this on real life? Sadly I have never met feeder or fa woman in real life :(
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
I've had a little real-life experience of this sort with a female doctor who actually recommended I gain a bit of weight to help get my "good cholesterol" up higher. Anyway, you could discuss fat-percentage of body. Nurse could use calipers, prescribe a
Usdaporky2007 6 years
Maybe have the nurse stick a pencil between your fat rolls to see if the pencil stays held by the fat.