Chapter 1 - the flight

Jenna had everything going for her, a great body, a hot boyfriend, and a pretty face that could carry her modeling career. After countless attempts at getting gigs, Jenna was offered a trip to Italy for modeling during the summer of her Graduation. Without even thinking Jenna agreed. It looked legit enough and even her parents said yes. The trip would last 2 months according to the itinerary and there would be about 20 other aspiring models with Jenna. Money wasn't an issue given that Jenna's parents were millionaires and a few 10k wouldn't set them back.
Everything was set in line for the trip when Jenna realized something sketchy about the location of the building of which the photo shoots would be held. It was on the very outskirts of Milan and was in an impoverished neighborhood. The location wasn't disclosed until a couple weeks before the trip since the designer wanted "the perfect spot" for the photo shoot. Even if it meant being in a bad area. This didn't bother Jenna though being that she was going to be with a large group of people anyway.
At last, Jenna was headed to the airport with her parents and boyfriend. Her parents and boyfriend were sad she was leaving for so long but excited since she was going to jumpstart her career earlier than most models did. Prior to the trip, Jenna had been dieting on 800 calories a day and a hour in the gym for about 2 months. She went from 130 to 100 and she stands at about 5"10. To everyone around her, Jenna looked dealthy skinny as if she was being starved but Jenna still pointed out even the tiniest imperfection. She was ready for the runway.
Just as the plane started boarding Jenna hugged her parents and gave her boyfriend a long kiss then walked on the plane determinedly and ecstatic. She looked back at her parents one more time and waved at them. As she was waiting in line to be seated, she fantasized about her face in billboards and fashion magazines looking beautiful. Her life was going to change... But not in the way she expected.
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Aquarius64 5 years
Good plot, but you need to concentrate on how you write. A few more commas would break up your sentences somewhat. The story progressed very quickly. Be more descriptive to slow everything down. Describe your hero/heroines thoughts in detail as well as ho
Theswordsman 5 years
I would laugh if her boyfriend was one of the buyers