Road trip

chapter 1


It was a quiet spring morning in NYC when Mattie received a call from Laura whom she hadn't seen in months. "Oh my god! Laura I haven't heard from you in ages!" She said walking down 94th street to her work complex where she had recently gotten her first internship after graduating college. "Oh yeah... Sorry about that. I've been super busy trying to get some gigs to save up for this trip I'm taking." Laura replied through the phone. Mattie remembered that Laura went to Julliard to become a guitarist. "Oh I see." Mattie replied. "Can I ask why you're calling me?" Laura laughed over the phone. "Oh yeah um... I just wanted to rebuild our friendship." By now Mattie was a little confused. She did remember that she and Laura were quite good friends. "Oh yeah totally." Mattie replied. There was an awkward silence for about 20 seconds before Laura impulsively said, "Do you want to go on a road trip with me?" Mattie stopped in her tracks. "Are you serious?" She said. "I have a job and I don't know if I want to risk losing everything I've worked for." Laura sighed over the phone. "I don't know what I was thinking." Laura said nervously chuckling. "I just thought it would be fun to live a little and have a reunion with such a great friend." Hearing this made Mattie think. At the moment she was super unsatisfied with her career path and felt she needed something big to let her choose what she really wanted. "So what if I lose my job? I still have my college degrees and I'm more than qualified to get it back." Thought Mattie. "Aw what the heck." She said. "When do we leave?" She could hear Laura squealing over the phone with excitement. "Just come over to my apartment it's in the complex next to the east end of the Julliard campus. Room 119" Laura said hanging up the phone barely giving Mattie any time to reply. Mattie sighed and put in directions for Laura's apartment. "What am I thinking!?!" She thought doubting herself for a moment. "This will be fun."

When she arrived at Laura's apartment building a girl that wasn't Laura answered the door. "Mattie!?!" She said opening her arms for the hug. It was Julia; Mattie's best friend from high school who also went to Julliard to become a violinist. "Oh my god, Julia!!" Mattie screamed hugging Julia tightly. "I've missed you so much!" She said not letting go. "I missed you too." Julia said letting go. Then Laura walked into the room from the bathroom. Astounded, Mattie asked how Laura and Julia knew each other. "We met at a gig and have been good friends since!" Said Laura. "Wow this is really amazing" Thought Mattie as Laura started to tell the details of the trip. But little did she know she wouldn't only be in for some of the best times of her life but also challenging ones as well.
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