Mrs woolworth’s bed and breakfast

chapter 1

Heather could feel it when she struggled to zip her jeans and finally managed to button them. They felt snug, and she realized that she might have gone too far in the delicious home cooking at the bed and breakfast she had been staying at with her with three best girlfriends. One of Heather's closest friends was engaged, and they decided to spend the three day weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast a couple hours away from their hometown.

Heather let out a loud sigh when she noticed realized her size 14 jeans were tight and that her tummy seemed to have a little more a bulge than it did at the beginning of the weekend. She had worked hard the last year not to be the fat friend. Exercising and counting calories rigorously to the point that she had dropped fifty pounds in the last year.

She had twenty pounds to go, but the weight desperately clung to her hips and her bottom. Now she had added a couple more than she would have to lose. She had always been the biggest of her friends and knew she would never get down below a size 10. She accepted that her hips would always be fuller and her bottom would always be rounder.

"Heather, breakfast is ready!" She heard her friend call out.

She shrugged not much she could do about the extra bit of weight right now other than to get back on the wagon tomorrow. When Heather walked downstairs, her nose became filled with delicious smells of a hearty breakfast waiting for her. When set sat at the table with her friends, Mrs. Woolworth began passing plates of breakfast. She was quite the cook throughout their stay cooking amazing meals for the girls. When one of them compliment her meals, she would always smile and say. "Never trust a skinny cook."

Mrs. Woolworth was a larger woman and reminded Heather of herself a couple years ago. She was a pear-shaped woman with wide hips and large posterior, but she didn't seem to mind being heavier. She went around the table passing out their last breakfast, a bowl of biscuits and gravy with a side of eggs and bacon. When she got to Heather, she smiled and let out a little wink. When Heather looked down at her plate she couldn't help but notice her serving was much larger and covered in more gravy than her three friends.

It would be rude not eat her plate considering it was the last meal she would have from the talented cook. When she finished her plate, her friends said goodbye to one another and prepared to leave.

When Heather got in her car and noticed that it wouldn't start, as she tried multiple times to it struggled to turnover.

"Great," she said.

She heard a tapping at the window and turned around to see Mrs. Woolworth looking at her with a smile on her face. "Car problems sweetie?" she asked.

"Yea, I don't know what is wrong with it," Heather replied. "I just got it serviced a couple of months ago."

"Well come on back inside and I will call my friend Eddie to take a look at it." Mrs. Woolworth said as she motioned for Heather to follow her.

When she came inside she smelled something delightful coming from the kitchen. Mrs. Woolworth directed her back to the table and went inside the kitchen for a few moments coming out with a cup of and plate of a cherry pie which she sat in front of Heather.

"One of my special herbal tea," Mrs. Woolworth said. "it helps to relax the body."

"Thank you, but I will pass on the pie," Heather replied. "I need to get back on my diet."

"Oh honey, you look fine, some boys like a gal with a spacious back porch." She said as she smiled she sat the plate in front of her.

When Heather took a sip of the tea it tasted a bit like lavender, but she couldn't put her finger on the other flavors. Either way, she could feel her tension melt away. After a few more sips of the tea, she could feel a rumble in her stomach and her mouth began to water looking at the pie.

"One little bite won't hurt," she said out loud as she picked up the fork.

The bite was like nothing she had ever tasted before it was the most amazing pie ever had. She continued to eat the pie bite by bite until nothing but crumbs sat on the plate. Mrs. Woolworth came out and smiled at Heather's finished plate. She looked at Heather's shirt as it started to ride up her bloated red stomach and sat down the rest of the pie.

"Would you like some more?"

"I really shouldn't--" Heather tried to say before she found herself eating another slice of the cherry filled pie.

"It's good, isn't it," Mrs. Woolworth grinned. "recipe has been in my family for decades."

"It's just so good," Heather said as she began her third slice as she started feeling a bit in a daze.

She couldn't control herself and found herself eating the pie directly from the tin until everything started to fade to black.

When Heather's eyes opened her eyes she noticed that she was lying in a bed. She struggled for a moment to get herself out of the bed. She looked down to see her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. When she stood up she could feel a jiggle in her tummy and looked down to see stomach was a bit larger than before. Her little tummy bulge from earlier had become a swollen protruding pot belly. She noticed another mug of the tea from earlier and began to sip on it again.

When she began to walk down the hallway another aroma filled her senses. Mrs. Woolworth was cooking again, probably for the next round of guests coming to stay at the bed and breakfast. When she reached the table it was covered in food.

"Welcome to dinner." Mrs. Woolworth said.

"Where are the other guests?" Heather asked.

"Just you," Mrs. Woolworth smiled. "I mean I figured after eating three pies and sleeping you might be ready for another meal."

"Three pies?" Heather asked surprised.

"Yea, you really seemed to like them so I made a few more for dessert."

"I can't eat all of --" Heather said before she was interrupted by her stomach rumbling again.

Before she knew she was sitting at the table eating a plate of fried chicken, three cheese macaroni with bacon, and mashed potatoes covered in gravy. She became almost in a trance as she kept shoveling with food into her mouth. "Mrs. Woolworth this is so amazing!" she said as she grabbed another helping of food, "I don't think I can finish all of it!"

"Then drink some more tea, dear." Mrs. Woolworth said. "it will help make storing all of the food a bit easier."

"Okay!" Heather replied as she took a big gulp of the herbal tea.

After a few hours of eating all of the food on the table was gone. Mrs. Woolworth came back with three pies and sat them on the table. She looked over to Heather who smiled at Mrs. Woolworth.

Heather was sitting in her chair naked and her boobs sat on top of four large fat rolls. Her hips and bottom had also doubled in size spilling out of the chair as she smiled with glee at pies being sat in front of her. The meal that Mrs. Woolworth made was meant to feed five to eight people, but Heather had downed all of it. She had grown so much that she had abandoned her clothes to free the soft flesh of her body. Mrs. Woolworth walked over to Heather and patted her belly. It jiggled and Heather let a tickled laugh for a moment.

"You aren't even full yet," she said. "lucky for you I got three more pies in the oven."
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