chapter 1

Sasha had only been Doctor Pullman's assistant for a few short months, and frankly, she was just doing it to pad her resume for graduate school. Sasha was what some other students called bookish and had a nose deep in her notes daily. She went noticed by her peers unless they wanted help with their studies. It was unfortunate because she was an attractive girl behind her glasses with soft features and a thin 117lb frame.

Sasha wasn't too worried about the lack of attention she got though. She was driven to get into a good grad school program and if that means she had to study harder and intern with Dr. Pullman, then so be it. After all, he claimed he was only something groundbreaking that he had called Transmorphis. Something that he would claim could have infinite possibilities in curing ailments from broken bones, to curing diseases.

The good doctor would take genetic material from a subject, and do what he called a genetic recode. The doctor would then put the freshly coded material back into the test subject. It would begin to work on fixing any ailments the subject had. He even claimed it could cure myopia and now he was pressing Sasha to take the risk of being his foray in human test subjects.

"Absolutely not," Sasha said. "we have done enough testing much less ready to move to human subjects. You are asking me to risk my health on something untested.

"It's risky," Dr. Pullman assured her. "but I feel its safe enough to run a trial especially for something small such myopia."

"It's too risky what if I have any side effects?" Sasha protested.

"Fortune favors the bold Sasha," Dr. Pullman persisted. "if this successful just imagine how good it will look on your resume that you helped with a medical breakthrough.

Sasha pondered for a moment. It was a risky bet to put her sight in Dr. Pullman's hands, but if he was right she could say she was apart of the biggest medical breakthrough of the century. She hesitated for a moment then rolled up her sleeve. "Alright, but I want my name to be on the project, and the most glowing letters of recommendation ever written." she firmly said.

Dr. Pullman nodded and pulled out a syringe drawing blood.

"Give me a few days to work on it and before you know both of our names will be written in history."

Sasha continued with her day to day life studying hard and researching when she got the call from Dr. Pullman. The first subject of Transmorphis in humans was ready to begin. When she arrived at the lab, he brought a syringe of new coded material. "Are you ready to make history?" Dr. Pullman asked.

She nodded as he inserted the needle into her skin and pressed the plunger. She felt a burn as it made contact with her own blood.

"Now what?" Sasha queried.

"Come back to the lab tomorrow, and we start taking notes on the results."

Sasha noticed her body had a dull ache and her head throbbed. She decided to go to bed early and try to sleep head off. She hoped she didn't die through the night from being the first person to try transmorphis.

When she woke the next morning, she reached for her glasses and put them on. The vision seemed off, and when she took off her glasses. She was amazed. Her nearsightedness was gone completely. Dr. Pullman was right in that he could cure any ailment.

She immediately began to dress to show Dr. Pullman the results and that the two were both about break the ground on medical research. Sasha began to dress when she noticed something odd she couldn't button up her pants.

"These fit the other day," Sasha said out loud.

She threw on a shirt, but it was also a little tighter than she remembered. Sasha entered the bathroom and looked at the mirror to her shock. Her body looked a bit different than yesterday. Her shirt was fitting very snug and stretched over her larger breasts. Her once flat stomach protruded a bit, and she did not recall having love handles yesterday. She turned around to see her once firm butt cheeks looked a little more soft and fleshy as well.

"What is this!" Sasha screamed.

She looked at the scale lying on the floor and stepped on it to see her weight was 137. She had gained 20 pounds while she was asleep. She began to panic as she rifled through a drawer to find a pair of yoga pants and an oversized shirt. She had to fix this and fix it now as she headed to Doctor Pullman's lab.

When she arrived on campus, she headed to Medical Research building and toward the elevator. When she entered the elevator, Sasha heard a strange rumble coming from her stomach. She felt a strange sensation take over her body, and her shirt began to feel tighter. She noticed that her oversized shirt was starting to roll up as she looked to see her belly slowly grow and her love handles widen. She grabbed her new muffin top to feel it was soft and jiggled as Sasha was shocked. When she stepped out of the elevator, Sasha could feel the sways and wobbles of her new belly with each step she took.

Sasha entered the lab and looked at her thighs to notice they were starting to rub together. Her butt also started to jiggle a bit more, and she felt uncomfortable with the wobbles of her new pounds she felt with each step.

"Can I help you?" Dr. Pullman asked when he saw woman he didn't recognize.

"It's me, Dr. Pullman," Sasha shouted. "Get me a scale now!"

Dr. Pullman looked shocked when he realized that this thicker woman was the bookish and thin Sasha from yesterday. He immediately found a scale to which Sasha stepped on.

She now weighed 160 pounds. Sasha had gained another 23 pounds since she had woke up.
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