The feeder and tease

chapter 1

Becca could feel his beard brush against her plush thighs as he worked his way up patiently. The man started to use his right hand to gently massaging the soft flesh of her inner thigh, as he raised his head back up giving her teasing smile. Becca cupped one her breasts in her hand and moved her other hand down to begin rubbing herself. She smiled at him, as he knelt down to begin kissing her passionately as his hand moved down to her love handles. He grasped the handful of her generous flesh as she began to pick up the pace of playing with herself.

Becca lifted her knees and curled them closer to her upper body. Her stomach began to jiggle into three fleshy rolls. The man noticed this and caressed them as he continued to kiss her more intensely. She groaned in pleasure as he stopped kissing her and moved his hand further down inserting two fingers inside her.

The man known as Jack was different from the others. Becca had been intimate with a handful of men, but most of them were only interested in having sex with her within the first couple of weeks. The sex was dull. They mostly expedited the foreplay, if not choosing to skip it entirely.

What was worse for this buxom woman with the pale skin and crimson hair was soon after they would sever the relationship. Leaving Becca feeling wounded and even more insecure about her body. She had always been on the chubby side, with an hourglass shape that would fit snuggly in a size 16 pants that highlighted her peach shaped bottom. All her former suitors seemed to enjoy that and her Double D breasts. They seemed turned off by one thing though, her tummy that jiggled with every thrust when she lied on her back. That curled into three fleshy rolls when Becca found herself on top, and that hung down when she was on her knees in a doggy style position.

Jack was different though. He seemed to enjoy the abundance of her midsection, if not celebrate it equally to her large breasts and full bottom.

"I want to feel you inside me," Becca murmured.

Jack smiled as he rubbed her tummy a bit more. He pushed his fingers deeper inside her. Becca let out a moan as she began to cup her breast again. She reached down with her other hand and rubbed his genitals. He wasn't quite there to her disappointment. All her insecurities about her chunky body started to fill her mind as she pulled away.

It had been three weeks since the two had started casually seeing each other, and she thought for sure tonight was the night that they would go all the way. He had taken her out for sushi and then to her favorite ice cream shop for dessert. The two had spent the afternoon sharing all the things they had in common. Both loved similar genres of music, and the same type of movies. He had held her hand proudly when they walked around, something the other men in the past never done in public.

"I am just not there yet," Jack said. "I find you incredibly attractive, but I need a bit more to get there."

"It's because I am chubby, isn't it?" Becca asked insecurely.

"No, no, that's not it," Jack assured her.

Becca looked at Jack puzzled. "Then what is it?"

"I have a harder time with girls your size," Jack said. " because I usually go for women heavier than you."

"I am super confused, Jack," Becca replied. "you mean you like fatter than me?"

Jack nodded as Becca was even more bewildered by the notion that a fit handsome man like Jack liked women heavier than herself. He looked over at her. "I'm sorry I thought I could get there with you," Jack said as he came closer to Becca lying next to her.

"I just thought this time was different," Becca snapped. "we have a lot in common. You seemed like you weren't embarrassed by me."

"I'm sorry, I really like you, Becca," Jack Apologized. "but if the idea makes you uncomfortable, I understand. It wouldn't be the first time."

Becca was sad and angry at the same time. This time it was different it wasn't because she was too big that Jack didn't find her attractive, but because she was too small by his standards. She thought to herself for a second and asked one simple question.

"How big?"

Jack snuggled up to her as she turned over, Becca laid her head on his chest looking up at him. He began running his hands through her hair and looked down to her. "I don't want you to do anything you wouldn't want to do," Jack said.

She pondered to herself again for a moment. "You are the first guy that seems like he isn't disgusted with my belly."

"I like your belly," Jack teased as he grabbed a handful of her stomach.

"You just need it bigger?"

"I know, it seems weird, but I've always been like this."

"You never answered me," Becca responded. "how big do you want me?"

Jack grinned at her for a moment. "You'll know when you get there, and I will help you along the way."

"So no sex until I get there?" Becca inquired.

Jack nodded at her as he began to rub her midsection. "Don't worry I can find other ways to pleasure you until then."

He then caressed her face again and lifted her up to kiss her passionately.
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