Mutual gaining fantasies

Chapter 1 - 1/1

He strides into the room, topless, leading with his large round belly, taking up space, owning the room, the moment. The smirk on his face tells me he knows exactly what he's doing and he knows exactly what it's doing to me.

Standing right in front of me, he looks at me somehow simultaneously serious and mischievous. "You want it, don't you." he states more than asks. I close my eyes and shudder, my chest growing tight with desire before looking him in his eyes and admitting "Yes. I do." He just stands there, smiling, making me wait, making me SQUIRM, making the desire grow.

"Then take it." he finally states.

Instantly, my hands are on that fantastic sphere, caressing, groping. He smiles watching me enjoy myself.

There's something about him, something about his demeanor, that's changed. He's confident. He's owning his own body, not just admitting it, but reveling in it. It's like he's saying "Yes, I have a large belly, and it makes me MORE of a man, not less." with his very being. I can sense all this, and it makes me feel comfortable enough to take what I really want.

"You like it, don't you?" "Yes." I nod breathlessly. "You want this big fat belly all over you, don't you?" "I do." I whisper as he takes it and shoves it into my face, rubbing it all over. "Then I want you to admit it. I want you to OWN it." I start to reply "I want your belly" but he stops me.

"No. That's not what I want you to admit." I look at him a bit quizzically, not quite sure where he's going with this. "I want you to admit you want it to be even bigger. I want you to admit you want me fatter."


He takes my chin in his large hands and yanks it upwards, forcing me to stare into his burning eyes.

"Admit. It."

Fear and lust jumble together in a potent, heady combination. But he seems to want this, so I will put myself on the line.

"I want you fatter, Sir." I finally bring myself to say. "I want you to gain back all the weight you lost. I want to see what you look like at 300 lbs, at 350..." I trail off.

He picks up. " 400?"

My eyes go wide with fear, but I breathe deep and nod. "Yes. And if you liked that, even bigger."

"Your desires don't have an end, do they?"

I consider for a moment. "Well, for you, they do, but that's only because I love you and I want you to be happy."

"But if I was just some random fantasy?"

"Then no. They don't."


I nod sheepishly.


"A nd what about YOU?" he asks, grabbing at my soft tummy. "It's not fair that *I* would get all the attention here. What about YOUR body? Do you want me to make YOU fatter? Feed you full of delicious food so much you can't move, every day a new buffet, maybe even lace your food with drugs that'll make you gain faster?" I gasp. He starts to focus more on my body parts. "Want me to fatten up these arms?" He grabs my upper arm fat, jiggling it a little. "Want me to make this bigger? Maybe so much that it hangs down over your elbows?" I moan, that being one of my favorite fantasies.

"And your hips?" he moves his hands down, feeling the soft flesh. "What if they grew wider and WIDER? How big would you want them, huh? Maybe so wide they couldn't get through the door?" "Oh god" I moan.

"And THAT ASS. You know I love your big round ass. What if it was even BIGGER? What if you couldn't sit in my recliner anymore? What if you broke chairs? What if only your couch would hold you?" At this point, I'm so aroused, I can't even talk. I've pulled him onto the bed next to me and am grinding my pussy against his leg.

"Of course, there's also your thighs and your belly." Suddenly, I become self conscious. "But... but you don't want these things. You don't like..."

"Stop telling me what I don't like. I like my girl to be a sexpot. To be something that people STARE at on the street. To be the envy of many men. To be an object of LUST. To be unable to hide that which makes people aroused." He grins at me and purrs in my ear "To be EXPOSED at all times. Because when you're that big, you can't hide your ass. You can't hide your tits. You're just a walking display of sex. And that, I very much do like."


"Ye s, oh. And I'm going to do this to you. I'm going to make your tits as big as watermelons, and milky too. You'll BEG for relief, to be milked like a COW." All I can do at this point is moan. I grab quite futilely at the air in the direction of my vibrator. He places it in my hands while kneading my flesh and continuing to talk.

"And your belly will be so big that it'll hang down between your legs, rubbing at your clitoris. Of course, at home, I'll have you on all fours, fattening you up like a pig. Your belly will hang down so far it'll drag on the ground when you try to get around. Hell, it'll be so big, you'll have a hard time even reaching the floor with your hands and knees." More moaning. "You'll be naked because we'll have a hard time finding clothes for you, and everything you wear, you'll be BURSTING out of. People will stare... oh, boy, will people stare. 'See what I did to you?' Heh... there's no way they COULDN'T see. But I'll tell them the TRUTH. YOU know what the truth is. It's that you COULDN'T. HELP. YOURSELF. You couldn't CONTROL yourself. You just beg and beg and beg for more food... and for more sex. You're nothing but a mindless maw, a mouth and flesh and holes. You're gluttony and lust embodied." I moan and grind my hips into the vibrator as he continues.

"You'll waddle down the street, barely able to move, and people will stare. We'll put all you can eat buffets out of business."

"You eat too?"

"Oh, yes, I eat too. Do you think I'd leave all that gluttony to just you? You know I love to eat. It's a passion. I'm gonna grow rounder and bigger, too. My belly will get larger and larger, and sag down between my legs, too. I'll be able to rub my large hard cock up against it, and grind one out without even using my hands. And I'll love every minute of it."

"You won't be able to reach your cock after a while?"

"Nope. But that's ok, because I can get myself off with my belly, plus... by that point, you certainly won't be going anywhere. You won't be in any shape to resist me. So I can fuck you whenever I like."

"How big will I be then?"

"Oh, maybe about 600 lbs? You're pretty short, so I think it'll come earlier on you."

I moan loudly.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you. Buried under mountains of your own flesh, able to think about nothing but food and sex, begging to be stuffed full, eating as much as a family of 6... no... EIGHT!"

At that point, he hears my mewling "Oh, god, I'm coming, I'm coming!" As my orgasm overtakes me, that prickly fuzzy rush, he smiles down at me and says "Good girl."

After I come, I get very still. I lay there, not wanting to lose the afterglow.

"How was that?" He enquires.

"Wonderful, sweetheart."

"Did I do it right?"

"Oh, boy, did you."

He kisses my forehead. "I'm glad."
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