Weight gain stories


Six more months of winter

Every Thanksgiving Scott stops hitting the gym and takes to indulging in good eating. He puts on a belly before losing it all by summer, but there's something different about this year...   More ▼

Chocolate cream pie  

A suspenseful story about chocolate cream pie, exploring captivity, power, and the dangers of giving in to desires, ending with the person's realization that they can't resist the pie's temptation.   More ▼

Skinny/fit to obese - sexy teasing/humiliation.  

(unisex) You were so slim and disciplined...and now look how you've ruined yourself, you helpless pig. And we know you'll only get bigger...   More ▼

What happened to you?  

CYOA in which you get rescued and fattened by a BBW billionaire vigilante. But as you gain, be wary of what you'll lose along the way...   More ▼

Time for revenge

Dark feedee & feedee tales: volume 1 (unisex)  

3 dark, fully non-gendered stories for everyone to enjoy. ‘POP’ goes the piggy’ - a tale of feeding until bursting. ‘Alien immobilation’ - A tale of growing instantly. ‘How vampires really feed’ - they worship human fat & absorb it!   More ▼

Some encouragement for you  

Encouraging words for ALL feeders who've wondered what it's like to be the feedee for a change. I don't care what your gender or sexual orientation is. If you've ever wondered how the other side lives, this letter is addressed to you!   More ▼

Your dreams and mine

Have you put on a few pounds since starting a new relationship? In this simple tale, a devious feeder dreams up "big" plans for a new lover. (Note: Feeder/ee ambiguous in gender, sexual orientation for all to enjoy)   More ▼

Let me feed you

You've read the title. You're curious. Maybe you're a feedee or gainer, maybe something in between. Maybe not. It doesn't matter to me. Come and have a taste, sweetheart - let me feed you.   More ▼

About will power

A shorter story in the same world as �All that she wants� but with a different BBW/FA and a scheming couple who learn who's will really is stronger. BDSM, Force feeding, XWG, SSBBW, sex, i don't own the pic.   More ▼
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