My amazon

Chapter 1 - the intro

*The Love Machine is on a heart shaped bed at the Smackdown Hotel*

TLM: Good evening all you gorgeous fat ladies on Fantasy Feeder and kiss my foot all you jealous FAs. The Love Machine is back with a riveting tale of strength and sex.

*TLM pulls out a scrapbook from underneath a pillow*

TLM: Amazons are fun to be with. Just knowing a woman is significantly taller and fatter than you is hot, but getting with them is even hotter. What would you do in order to spread the thighs of a huge goddess? One man thought of a way and this is how he did it. I call this power poem....MY AMAZON.

She stood over the scale and had to bend over to look at it, her belly had grown too large over the years for her to look straight down anymore.

She giggled and looked at me. "Well, here goes nothing."

She put one foot on it and then another and looked straight ahead. I unfolded my arms and walked over and looked at the number.

(Saved for Chapter 4! I couldn't believe it. She had gained (saved for chapter 4) since I had first met her years ago. My heart began to race as she stepped off, put her hands on her hips and sneered at me.

"Well, now you see what you're up against. Let's see if you can pull it off."

A week earlier she had challenged me over the phone. "Tell you what, if you can pick me up off the ground after a huge stuffing....I'll let you do whatever you wanted to me. ANYTHING!"

This would be the culmination of a journey that began 4 years earlier. I was 21 years old at the time and had come off a recent cold streak where I couldn't find love if my life depended on it. I was a regular at the BBW dances and bashes but never could find the right woman. I had been with all shapes and sizes, I had been with chubby women and had been with really big women. Short girls, girls my height, girls a little taller, I thought I had seen it all....until the fall of 2008.

One of my friends that goes to these bashes was a beautiful BBW named Cassie. She was my height and about 280-300 pounds. Stocky with long blond hair and was well proportioned. Big boobs, big belly, big arms, big butt, big get the idea.

I had known Cassie for a bit and she told me she was bringing some friends along to this particular event. I was expecting some bbw's but I was NOT expecting one in particular.

She caught my eye almost immediately. Cassie was my height but her best friend was over 6 feet tall. She was absolutely gorgeous with eyes that sparkled, slightly curly dirty blond hair, big framed glasses and a smile as wide as her butt. She looked to be about 260-270 pounds and it wasn't as proportionate as Cassie but what the hell did I care? She had decent sized boobs and a big belly that rivaled Cassie's. Her butt wasn't as round as Cassie's but it was just as wide. I liked that she had trouble sitting in a few chairs later on when we went out to lunch. She also had big, thick thighs that also rivaled Cassie's but she was also much taller. All in all I thought she was a goddess.

When I introduced myself I was nervous and she sensed it. She giggled and spoke with a slight twang "Don't be nervous sugar, its nice to meet you." From that moment on I always admired my amazon.

That weekend I spent getting to know her and quickly noticed the ring on her finger. "Oh yeah, I'm engaged, sorry." She giggled at me but I didn't care. I wasn't trying to get in her pants (although the thought was always there) just to make friends. As I got to know her better that weekend I found her to be very down to earth, friendly, sweet and had a lot in common with me. It was a shame she was engaged because she was nothing like I'd ever encountered before.

The weekend came and went but we stayed in contact. Over the next few months Cassie and I tried to convince her to do some plus sized modeling. If nothing else at least it would help pay for the wedding. After some reluctance, she finally agreed and I was happy. What I knew that they were best friends, what I didn't know was she had a hell of an appetite nor did I know Cassie was such a good cook. Combine her appetite with Cassie's cooking and the holidays fast approaching it came as no surprise when my amazon began to pack on the pounds.

I caught up with her after the holidays in January of 2009 and I couldn't believe my eyes. She and I webcam chatted and she had to have gained 30 pounds easily. Her face had gotten thicker with her pudgy cheeks slowing becoming chubby. She had a hint of a double chin but nothing like Cassie's. Her breasts had swelled and bulged out over her belly which was rapidly becoming very large. Her thick thighs got even thicker and I could see her chair was being overrun by her nice wide ass. She told me she had been eating like a woman gone mad thanks to the holidays and from being with Cassie. Cassie too was plumping up but she was already a big girl, my amazon was approaching ssbbw range before my very eyes.

Months passed and we still kept in contact. She had put on even more weight over the spring but nothing as noticable as her holiday weight gain. She started sending me rather naughty pictures as she was slowly discovering I had the total hots for her. I asked every now and then what her fiancee thought and she just said "Eh, don't worry about him." Then the next bombshell dropped when she told me her fiancee got a new job at a bakery. Now with her increased appetite from the holidays combined with Cassie stuffing her and now her fiance was about to bring home fattening treats every day....I was very interested to see how this turned out.

It turned out better than I could have imagined, she posted a weigh in video in March and she clocked in at 330 pounds. Her hubby got the job in June and her July weigh in showed as she reached 350. By September she was up to 380. She had gained 100 pounds inside of a year.

Her face was now quite chubby, long past pudgy. Her chubby cheeks were bright red when she blushed. She no longer had a hint of a double chin as she now had a full fledged one. Her arms had grown soft and little elbow dimples began forming. Her breasts were still not that large but they hung quite low against her huge belly. It was hanging further and further down her thighs, which had also grown so thick she began developing a little bit of a waddle. Her ass was immensely wide and soon would need 2 chairs to fit it if this kept up.

I finally got to see her again in October 09 and she looked absolutely enormous compared to just a year earlier. I hugged her and she was softer than I ever could have imagined. I was so happy to see her again and I did my best to make her smile the whole weekend. At one point we sang kareoke together and at another point I spanked her to which she turned around and half giggled/half glared at me. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see her for 3 years.
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Outstanding!!! Really good story, that I would love to see continued some time....terrific!!