My friends dad

chapter 1: story building i guess

This is my first story (well technically second but the first one was years back and doesn't count imo) so like, I hope its enjoyable. I really did try my best. I do not know how much the story should concentrate on the dad, and how much on both characters (the reader, or I guess me) so that might be a bit weird.

I always liked going to my friends house. Not just because that meant I would be hanging out with my best (and only tbh) friend. We've been friends for quite some time now, ever since I moved to town a few years ago. But what I also enjoyed were the moments I could see his dad. Now, I haven't been gay for a long time, or well, technically I have been, but I didn't really know for sure until last year. But even before that, I liked his father. He was, simply put, really cute.

Realizing I liked older guys was rather difficult for me, but I don't care anymore. Another thing I had to come to terms with was the fact that I was into fat guys, weight gain and all that stuff. Of course, now that I know that many other people like it as well makes it easier.

And that's the one thing about my friends dad that was slightly disappointing.

He was a rather fit dad.

I didn't really care that much about it though, I knew I was never going to do anything with him anyway and that his face was already "eye candy" enough.
Mike, (his name is Mike by the way) would often go on trips to go camping, hiking, etc. which I guess really helped him maintain his "bod" well into his 40s.

Now, my friend didn't know anything about my crush on his dad and I was definitely going to keep it that way. I couldn't even begin to imagine his reaction. Maybe he wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. Anyway, back to Mike.

Mike had been working at a local bank for as long as I knew him, but I don't think he really liked it there. His wife (we are getting rid of her later in the story lmao) was always telling him he should find something better. Well, lo and behold, a few weeks after my 17th birthday, my friend told me the news that his dad had lost his job because the bank had gone bankrupt. Ironically, his wife did not like hearing those news. I don't know if the two had really liked each other at all for a long time, or at least my horny teenage brain was hoping for that, but whenever I went to my friends house we could hear them arguing at least once in the living room. Well, fast forward a couple of months, since it's really not important to the story, and his wife had filed for divorce. (see, I told you)

I did my best to comfort my friend, who was really down in the dumps, and I also felt sorry for Mike, but deep down a part of me was thinking; nice, he is single now. I knew of course that a straight man would want nothing to do with a degenerate like me, but it was still exciting to hope.

Well, after his wife moved out, Mike was spending an increasing amount of time trying to bond with his son, and that meant also with me. He certainly had a lot of fun trying to cook dinner for us three (I spent a lot of time at their house, don't question it), only to have it burn and ordering takeout. During that takeout dinner I had to control myself a lot to not stare at Mike eat fast-food, a sight I had never witnessed before. Seeing him eat pizza, fries and a burger really got me going. It was all over to soon, but Mike managed to top it off by groaning and mentioning having eaten to much.

I could barely control my boner until I finally got home and was able to pleasure myself.
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Wedgienerd92 3 years
I would really love for this to start up again and get even steamier ☺️
Cine 4 years
Can't wait for more.
Sir Doge 5 years
I will continue this story at one point, but right now Im writing stories for other characters, who are all side characters in this one.
Emil Czys 5 years
I wait for more smiley
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I love the new chapters neeed more more pleace you story makes very important for meee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gainergayboy124 5 years
I love this the wait is killing me I need new chapters
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Such a hot story! Love where it's going! smiley
Silentshout 5 years
Wholesome love please! ❤️ Really looking forward to more!
Bugmenot 5 years
yayyyyy they finally know about each other!!! what's next? :-D
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Yes. Yes yes yes.
Nat1114 5 years
This is such a great story!