chapter 1

"I'm sorry Mr. Richards, but we have to let you go"

Kyle gulped and looked down. He had been a teacher at this school for over 10 years, ever since he moved to this town after his marriage. It had always been a good experience, but he was not the only one to notice that the school had run into some financial problems.

(OK yes I know that all my three stories have started with the dude losing his job but there are not a lot of ways to naturally change a character's life in a way that he will fit into a wg story)

But anyway, he gets fired, most of the students are sad to see him go, he was a cool teacher. His wife also wasn't ecstatic, but she knew they'd manage. The both of them had been saving up for a time like this, and Kyle had relatively good prospects of finding a new teaching job.

So now to Kyle himself. Of course, as the reader, you are allowed to imagine him however you want, heck, he can even be a she. Probably. But since I can write up a character the way I like it, here are some fun facts about Kyle.
- Male
- Around 45 years old (at the beginning of the story)
- Thin (also at the beginning of the story)
Everything else about him doesn't really matter to the story, but here goes:
- Rather short (a bit insecure about it)
- Likes beer, sports, cars and anime for some reason
- Generic short brown hair
- Cute grin (but don't all men have one :)
- Gentleman

Ok, enough ruining the story, here goes

He had taught at a rather small college. Teaching four different classes he had still managed to get to know all of the students, and they enjoyed his lessons. Math was his subject, something usually feared by others, he could make it interesting somehow. To honor his departure, the classes got together and planned a small party for Mr. Richards. He shook many hands that evening, posed in a group photo and got a piece of cake shoved into his hands. Normally keeping a watch on his figure, he hadn't eaten cake in a long time, and he decided to savor that piece. As these things usually go, that piece was soon gone and replaced by another. At the end of the party, everyone came together again and one student handed him a giant gift basket, full of wine and food and stuff.

"Wow. Thanks all. I'll miss you guys"

That night he arrived at home to his wonderful wife who encouraged him to relax and enjoy the time they would now have together until he found a new job. He had the great idea of opening up one of those wine bottles and the two of them spent the rest of the night drinking and eating and watching Netflix.
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Bhfjbjhdwhb 2 years
More ?
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Your best yet!

Love your characters.
Sir Doge 4 years
Gainergayboy124 I would love to, but unfortunately, that student is the main character in another story of mine where he is in fact in a romantic relationship.
Luckily, if you are into that, you can read that story, which is also longer than this one.
Gainergayboy124 4 years
please give rise to a romance between kyle and the student who likes fat people
Garfield 5 years
while he gets fat, someone should slim down...
Sir Doge 5 years
Sorry dangraper, I have no interest in the students
Dangraper 5 years
Please continue! And make students fat, not only teacher.. smiley
Axel 5 years
More please!