My gaining story - reversal of roles

Chapter 1 - part 1 - growing up (not out)

Growing up I was a skinny kid. My whole family was pretty average. I started to fill our a little in high school, and eventually became pretty athletic. I did track & field, was a long distance runner, and enjoyed football and basketball. I know, pretty dull!

When I look back now, I can see my fat admirer tendencies in retrospect, but until about the time I met my wife, it didn't play a big part in my life. I liked and dated girls of all shapes, all sizes, all colors, etc.

After high school and college I remained active, going to the gym and playing racket ball with coworkers. I remained it very good physical condition.

PART 2 - My Fat Wife

When I met my wife we were both in our mid 20's. I was struck by how cute she was. Falling for her was the first step in cementing my status as an F.A.

She was 5'4" tall and about 250 lbs at the time, and very comfortable with her size. She'd been a chubby kid, and really started to blow up after high school. Her family, including a brother and sister, were all heavy folks. When we met her size wasn't a big deal, although I certainly thought her body was the sexiest thing I'd ever laid eyes on (or hands on, for that matter!).

When we first got together she actually started to gain a little weight. With clothes getting tighter, or being outgrown, we found we were both FAs, and the idea of gaining became a fetishes for both do us.

We married after dating for about a year, but sadly we would not get to indulge our fetish. Health issues required her to lose weight, and quickly she dropped down to 200 lbs, and over the next several years shrank even further.

Initially I was concerned what it would mean to our love life... Would I be less attracted to her? Fortunately that didn't happen. I have continued to be crazy about her, regardless of her size.

PART 3 - The Skinny Years

While we couldn't seem to live out our fantasies around gaining, we both continued to lurk around the fat acceptance community online, and quietly appreciated fat people (both women and men) in our daily lives. We loved weight gain fiction, lived seeing photos of fat models, and the porn we enjoyed viewing together typically involved force feeding and domination of some kind.

My wife remained active, joining recreational sport teams, joining a gym, swimming... at various times she hired a personal trainer even! Meanwhile, I was working more at my office job, becoming more sedentary, traveling more for work and thus eating at more restaurants and consuming more fast food. Slowly but surely I was unintentionally putting on weight.

The wake up call came when, after several years of marriage, my wife informed me that she was less than 150 lbs - her lowest adult weight. She was 100 lbs lighter than when we'd first met. My weight, on the other hand, had crept up about 40 lbs in that time, and I was pushing 200 lbs on my 5'9" frame....
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MrSlob1919 1 year
Role reversal ftw
TheFeedress 4 years
This is amazing!
The Donut King 8 years
What a wonderful true story! You're a lucky man for having a wife get you to 400 pounds! How heavy are you now?
Giantjay 8 years
Thanks for all the supportive commentary, folks! I will start a new story to chronicle whatever comes next for me and my wife. Your feedback is much appreciated!
FrecherTyp 8 years
hmmm smiley i just read your excellent story again and especially like the last parts where he struggles so hard to get out of this chair thehe i wish the would be so many more of those struggles even when beeing not so fat just a little chubby :-)

Hurgon 8 years
Wonderful stuff!
Irma1230 8 years
super, continue and happy New year
Built4com4t 8 years
Good one
The Donut King 8 years
Amazing account of your experiences!
Curvesrule 8 years
You're such a good writer!! smiley
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Just keeps getting better and better. I love the physical slowing-down!
Fatlilboy 8 years
Excellent addition. Now I'm hankering for more and more.....loving it. Love where it's going.
Specksaver 8 years
Like this story. As a feedee myself It must be a real turn on tot get fattened up by your own wife/feeder. Wish i was in that position.
Built4com4t 8 years
good addition...nicely arousing
Giantjay 8 years
Thanks for the kind feedback and encouragement! I will continue as things happen that excite me, and which I think will interest others...
Junepearl 9 years
It warms to heart to know it can happen in real life, sounds like an ideal feeding relationship.
Giantjay 9 years
Thanks for the kind responses! I will continue to add more as I have more experiences to share.
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
I like how simply and directly you write about this! You have a nice style of storytelling. Looking forward to more.
Giantjay 9 years
Thanks for the positive feedback! I am writing up the next part, Chapter 3 now!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
And this is going to be an interesting continuation! Love it so far...
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