One shots of a feeding paradise!

Chapter 1 - willy wonka!

The girl was wide eyed. Had candy existed in such large quantities before in here life? Never! God there was candy everywhere! Lollipop trees and gummy bears the size of her head. The so called "fruits" in the trees were whoopers and my they looked amazing. All the other teens and adults were wide eyed and drooling at it all. But anna was drooling the most. She wanted it all! It was her dream to be here surrounded by sweets with no worry and today she was gonna get it. She snuck away from the group as they all tried some of the treats and she stole a gummy bear before exploring. The forest of sweets was huge and the chocolate river was vast as well. Soon enough though she lost track of where she was and the voice of there such amazing host had disappeared now only the sound of the river and her own munching could be heard. She loved all the sweets she kept eating the gummy bears as she went along. After what felt like years she seemed to almost walk into a lab of some sort. There was the treats being made but it seemed empty? None of his weird workers were there and she was the only one. How odd? She thought to herself between munching. She hadn't even noticed her belly had gotten bigger much bigger from normal thing stomach to pot belly!! she could careless though her thoughts only lead on about her own curiosity. She went inside the first room she saw and there was candy everywhere! It must have been a testing room of some how. She explored the room to see a bed and a tube and tables and what looked like a tray with lots of papers in it. She looked over the notes to realize she was right. It was a testing station and she laughed laying on the bed imagining her job was to just sit here and eat til she was done. Well the sounds of tapping soon took her out of her dream to see the host himself give a wicked smile and snap his fingers as his minions grabbed her arms and legs holding her down as they did there best to tie her up. She kept struggling scared worried and most of all embarrassed. She tried to scream but nobody heard as he only chuckled and watcher her struggle against the ropes before lightly moving a curl out of her face. "Well my sweet sweet child, you broke the rules and now you get to work here. But your not leaving cant have you spilling all my secrets or eating all my precious candy" he smirked and poked her pot belly as she let out a belch not realizing she was that full and he smirked"at least unless i decide so " he snapped his fingers and the minions started to bring in trays upon trays of sweets before he told his goons to undue her ropes and leave. They locked her in and she was terrified. Locked in the place that she had loved by a man she thought was her idle. God how could she be so stupid she thought to her self as she banged on the door. Hours went by bit nothing. Her stomach had been growling but she put off the hunger just wanting out but by the 20th growl in the span of five minutes she began to devour all the candy in sight. She ate chocolate bars to gummies to lollipops which all were huge the chocolate bars were bigger then her arm and there were so many but it seemed by each bit she just couldn't get enough. God they were so so so addicting? she shoved it all in her mouth feeling her belly noe straining against her pants as her shirt was already to small and she whined trying to take the pants off but to no victory. She just couldn't stop eating. It was all to good he made amazing food why waste it. She had finished her 13th chocolate bar before her button snapped and all she could di was moan in relief she layed down on the bed piling all the candy on the bed with her as she stuffed herself silly. God all the sugar went straight to her head cause by the time she woke up she couldn't remembered much of the night. "MNM what the hell" she groaned feeling heavy as she tried to sit up but to no use. She kept trying and after he third try she managed to sit up feeling winded as she patted her huge belly she looked as if she gained 100 pounds iver night and god her whole body took the weight. Her ass had blown up in size just like her B cups to DD cups and her belly took most of it as it ballooned out and her double chin was ver noticeable. For her panic only grew. The sound of the door opening was to see the host come in and laugh"stuffed are we well not yet we aren't now you have to try our new chocolate filling so lay down now" she didn't listen of course so she was tied down and the tube was brought to her mouth and she cried and he just wiped her tears"shhhh your making my dreams i to realities and my realities into dreams so relax and feed" with that he left and the chocolate filled the tubes as it slowly started to pour down. She braced herself and took a huge gulp of it and trying to hold back her satisfied look at how delicious it was and took another gulp and the another and another until she was smiling and just swallowing happily not seeing the fact her stomach was expanding with each swallow. It felt like hours to no end as she had become almost brain dead so filled by her greed she doesn't realize she had grown to 300 pounds. She just kept gulping and smiling. Her mind drifted to all the candies she can have later and rubbed her belly before realizing she had grown needing to move her heavy arms higher to rub her belly and letting out a relaxed moan rubbing and rubbing away as her worry disappeared . she was 500 pounds when it stopped and she tried to sit up but couldn't and she just groaned wanting more candy as she rolled around shifting her huge belly and flabby tits to and fro trying to find more sweets needing more sweets. This time and the tube was lowered but she let it happen pulling it into her mouth and now custard filled her taste buds as she had truly gotten the best job in the factory.
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