chapter 1

“Jeez, that was close.”

Jury rarely spoke, but arguably, out of everyone in the ‘group’ (besides Madam, of course) he spoke the most often. After a while, he slowed the car down and gave a glance at Madam. Her physical features were hard to tell, and even the ones like Ahata and Mikhal who knew her face couldn’t tell what she looked like. It was forbidden, Madam’s words herself. And all of the Fangs could not say a word - oh no no no, she’d silence them right up. The only thing he could put a finger on was that the Madam was quite tall and athletic.

The Madam had fallen silent, and Jury pondered if he should press on. But no. He knew the Madam, that when the Madam went silent, it was for a reason. Typically, because she was thinking, or upset about something. Perhaps both. The Madam only asks for consolation if she needs it. That’s why he’s-

“Jury.” Her voice is low, but very even, very calm. Jury freezes up, but not by much - he wasn’t moving much in the first place.

“Yes, Madam?” He answers in little hesitation.

“You have..Uthai’s number? Or at least Ahata?”

Ahata and Uthai, the only two of the Fangs not involved in tonight’s operations. The Madam didn’t want to risk calling the others, then.

“Unfortunately no, Madam. I’ll make it my goal to try and get it next time, though.” He flicks out his phone, glancing at the time. 12:11 AM. Madam does not speak up again.

Jury pulls the black van into a motel’s parking lot. “We’re not seeing the others this night, aren’t we?” He asks.

“No.” She answers. “It’s too close, too hot tonight. We need to cool off, we should be good by the morning.” She stated.

Jury nods. “I’ll get a room checked in, then. You’ll..” He drifted off, warily.

“I will wait here.” Her answer was firm, though she unbuckled the seatbelt.

“Okay. Yeah.” Jury wanted to be wary, to not give the Madam any orders. She was relatively lax, but Jury could never be sure.

It didn’t take long for him to grab the room. He’d returned to the van, grabbed his and her bag, and only realized when he turned around the Madam was leaning against the wall. “Ah, Madam..how long were you waiting for me there?” She was quite silent. A car drove by, the street going somewhat empty.

When she did not answer, and only those black lenses started into his blue eyes, he began to walk, though felt his heart speed up when the Madam walked closer to him, closer than ever. He could now see how tall the Madam was. Or maybe he was just short. But he was pretty sure the Madam was rather tall, when it came down to statistics.
He said nothing, only kept eyes on the ground, slightly looking up ahead of him.

He’d arrived into the room and the Madam shut the door behind him. He’d begun to put the things down, when he felt the Madam move behind him, looking down over his shoulder. “M..Madam,” he whispered, after a moment or two. She was uncannily silent.
He went still upon feeling her against him, so quiet that you hear a pin drop. And yet, the Madam refused to speak. He could only hear the breathing of his and hers, and a heart - his heart, beating fast. Had he disappointed the Madam...? That wouldn’t be good, oh no, not good at all-

And then the Madam moved a hand onto his shoulder. It was a slow gesture. But her hand held firm and he still did not move, but his eyes sure as hell were. Mostly nervous to know what the Madam was going to do. He was bad at reading emotions. Especially of the Madam. Her other hand, the right one, moves towards his other shoulder - no, his neck. She taps her fingers, and he exhales, releasing the breath he had no idea he was holding.
The Madam suddenly, within seconds, pushes him onto his back. Eyes wide, Jury could only imagine what the Madam was going to do right now. “I’m sorry Madam, I didn’t-“

Her hands caress his face, his cheeks. Up and down. Up and down. This time it’s Jury going silent - stunned into silence, rather. He knows his face has turned a rather pleasant shade of pink, with the Madam sitting right above him. What a sudden display of affection..what was the Madam trying to say?

“Are you hungry?” She mumbles. So quiet, he almost missed it.

“Hu..hungry?” He stutters out, his stomach giving a growl conveniently within the next second or so. Her legs are pressed up against him, hands now pressing against the bed. Her face, hovering directly above his. “Yes, but where..?”

“I can order something. A pizza.” Her voice is silky. Smooth. It goes that way..no, Jury’s never heard this voice before. Is this how she talks to Mikhal alone?

He didn’t realize it that he was staring into her eyes. Probably, anyways. The mask conceals it. His eyes dart to the side, as much as he can. “Sure, that’ll be good.” He speaks, almost too quickly. He could’ve sworn she laughed. Smiled, maybe.
The Madam lets him go. He lays on the bed for a while, after that. Same position. It takes him a bit to get up. It takes a bit for the pizza to finally arrive, too. The Madam must’ve ordered it. She must’ve changed her clothes, too. Briefly taken off the mask to make the exchange.
The pizza guy gets to see her face. But he does not. He’s not sure what to think.

Jury was never a big pizza guy. He was more of an overall food guy, though. Which in a way made him a pizza guy. He wasn’t picky, he’d literally eat anything. As long as it was safe and edible.
He’s a few bites in when he notes the Madam is watching him.

She’s..no, weird is not a good word. He should never call the Madam weird. She’s being off tonight, that’s all. Different. Jury doesn’t say a thing, though. He doesn’t want to question the Madam, make her uncomfortable. The pizza is warm, sits comfortably in his stomach.
What size was this? Not small, all he knows. He’s starting to feel the first level of full - comfortable sort of full. The Madam though, seems to lean in as he pauses. “Do we have anywhere to store the pizza?” She asks.

His eyes wander around the room. “No,” which comes out more muffled because he’s speaking with a full mouth.
“Finish the rest of it, then.” That was an order. She said it in her calm tone, though. Jury has to sit up to see the box. A little over half left. He can do this. He..doesn’t want to disappoint the Madam, after all.
It’s only about two more slices later does his stomach let him know, ‘okay, this is getting kind of cramped in here.’ And it’s probably because he rarely eats this much, but Jury doesn’t want to overdo anything, either. His eyes look to the Madam to see if her word has changed. No. She continues to look on.
So Jury resumes.

That’s his order - no one can override the Madam, not even himself. That’s what he was taught. He can feel a tightness in his belly grow by the second, and getting near the last two pieces, it’s easier to feel it than ever. He’s glad the clothing he wears is at least somewhat bigger than his actual build.
And by the final piece, he adjusts his position to be more comfortable. The Madam hadn’t moved, not a bit, though. It was..no, never call the Madam weird...different.

He licked his lips upon finishing, and huffed, his stomach tight from what he had put into it tonight. If one were to look at his form without the jacket, they could see the distinct, slightly rounded shape that was his overstuffed stomach. Now, could he eat more? Yeah, he could. Did he really want to? No, not really. But if the Madam said..
The Madam sat right next to him again, her body against his. Jury had never been completely skinny, though he wasn’t chubby, either. He knew that Makar was much heavier, when it came down to body size.
She leaned onto him, a bit awkward given she was taller. And proceeded to place a hand on his stomach. Could he complain? No, it felt good. He closed his eyes, content that he seemed to obtain the Madam’s liking. “I think we’re done for tonight.” For tonight? Jury didn’t understand what this was, and if he kept up with this behaviour..

Momentarily, he gave a look at his stomach, opening his eyes. Well, he’d look like this a lot more often.

But he shouldn’t question the Madam. He never had, and not now.

Closing his eyes, the Madam left his side and he felt himself lie back down, giving himself the rest he so needed. The Madam took to the other bed, much to his disappointment- he supposed the earlier showings were...only for that time.

He wondered what the morning would bring.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I love the mystery of this. I feel I know how Jury feels — uncertain and mystified.
Built4com4t 4 years
Deliciously mysterious...