This wasn’t apart of the plan..

chapter 1

It was a nice day, or nice from Kornel’s perspective. You see, in the town of Cirrane it rained often, and while the clouds were grey able him, Kornel greatly appreciated it wasn’t raining at the moment. The man, about 5’8”, strolled down the side of the quiet street. Population wise, Cirrane wasn’t that big - you weren’t gonna see crowds and crowds of people gathering around. It was a quiet little city, never really the focus on any stories or anything like that. Never got much attention. And Kornel was glad for that.

On the other hand, Cirrane had a lot of space to fill out. Empty buildings, ready for the taking. Cirrane was at no risk of overpopulation anytime soon.

Kornel was quite content with that.

Said person turned into a building that had been left open, for whatever reason. Crowbar in hand Kornel kept it just in case, defense or to pry something open. A bag was slung around his shoulder.
Kornel was able to see through what dim light the windows outside could provide. It was like some cafe. Bakery. Seats and tables lined the room, all empty, given the store was closed. The money, as Kornel learned when he peered by the counter, was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, Kornel was about to turn around when he saw the crack in the wall. It wasn’t a small crack. A bigger opening, one that a larger person might have trouble getting through. But Kornel? Kornel was small!
A light piqued his curiosity and Kornel slipped through the opening, discovering it was some type of storage room. What an odd door, though..Kornel glanced behind him warily. It wasn’t even a door, that hole in the wall.

A safe caught his eye and he just knew he had to open it. Inside of it was just what he was looking for - the money. Quickly shovelling as much as he could of it into his bag Kornel cast another glance behind him but saw nothing..instead his eyes were caught on something else. Cabinets and more boxes, fridges...Kornel finished up, stuffing as much as he could fit into his bag before zipping it up and moving over to the containers. Something smelled sweet.

He opened one of them, and was presented with the sight of some cookies.

Well, he already stole some money from this place, so who cares if he steals some food too? Not him! Kornel takes one of them and was about to head out when he takes a bite into it, realizing that it tasted...excellent. The best cookies he’s ever had. Turning around, Kornel puts the cookie into his mouth and takes the container, which by far isn’t that big at all.
And again, Kornel does the same thing as before, walk to the doorway, stop, and turn around, looking at all of the other containers. He’s not sure what else is in them.

Is this some type of bakery? Kornel’s feeling a little suspicious given he’s never seen this place opened. He swallows the cookie and picks out another one, hugging the container against his chest. He’s not suspicious enough to leave just yet though. The first few cookies were slow for him to eat, but the more he began to enjoy the flavour, the faster he ate. The other containers had all sorts of goods in them as well. Tarts, pastries.. It wasn’t long before Kornel decided to move onto another shelf, unconsciously tugging at his tightening jeans.
Oh this one was the jackpot. Kornel saw sight of a pie. It wasn’t large, by any means, but it wasn’t small either. Kornel glanced at the crack in the wall but again, decided not to leave just yet. A mistake he’d regret soon enough. Sitting down on the floor with his prized possession he began to feast.
Honestly, it took a bit longer than he expected, and he was probably in this room for a lot longer than he should be. But by the end of it Kornel began to feel the effects - savouring the sweet taste of the filling, Kornel gave a heavy breath and stood up carefully, using a shelf to balance himself. His eyes landed on two targets - the fridge or the opening in the wall. Food tempted Kornel however, despite veering near the ‘overstuffed’ classification. He made his way over, opening the fridge.

Presented with a small bottle of soda and ice cream Kornel felt as though the fridge was quite empty. He wasn’t complaining, though. At least, not that much. He leans against the counter as he begins to eat, leaving the soda next to him for the time being. And when he’s done - done using the spoon to get out anything that remains in the container - Kornel lets out a grunt, his stomach now sticking out slightly and pants pressing into it. He presses his hands onto it lightly and stands around for a few moments, thinking about what to do.
He decides to take his leave, as he turns and grabs the soda and pops it open for a sip or two. Or a few gulps.

And as he’s making his way over, expecting his figure to just slide through the hole with ease, Kornel freezes up as he feels his stomach press against the edges of the wall. He tugs at his jacket, assuming that’s what happened at first: giving himself the benefit of the doubt. However, there is NO doubt about it. Kornel’s overstayed his welcome, and his frame is letting him know that fact.

Nervously, Kornel attempts to pull out, but he’s unable to, which gets somewhat of a reaction out of him. He attempts to go forwards again, but no - he’s stuck. As if not getting the message of what caused this, Kornel lifts the bottle to his mouth and takes another sip from the sweet sugary drink as he begins to try again, using his hands to try and maneuver himself out. But it’s no use.
Looking down for a bit Kornel decides to finish the last of the drink. His stomach gurgles, more than likely letting him know while it most definitely could fit more, that this was not a good idea at all.
He lets the empty bottle clamber to the floor as he begins to try to use both of his hands to push himself out. It’s no use, though. How did he even get this big? Something told him those weren’t normal treats...

“Oh my,” Kornel freezes up on hearing a woman’s voice behind him, in addition to a laugh, presumably the same person.
“I wasn’t expecting this, but I guess we can’t all get what we want, can we?”

Kornel sighs, attempting to try and turn himself to the woman. He’s unable to do so completely, but he can tell she’s tall and also walking towards him. Such a movement causes him to panic - she’s the owner!! Or as he thought. He didn’t know that. He could be right or wrong.

“There, there. Turn your face towards me, won’t you?” Kornel grunted, trying to do so. “Mm, I’ll just go to the other side.” She walks off and for a moment Kornel is put into silence, besides the occasional gurgle of his stomach. When aha returns Kornel glanced up to the woman, holding a cream filled, icing covered pastry. “Good, aren’t they?”
She’s athletic, and her green eyes host a curious (but not in a good way) spark to them as she leans down to eye level with him. “I guess you already know that, though.” She reaches a finger forwards and pokes his abdomen. Kornel, to the best of his abilities, attempts to pull away.

“Ooh. Sorry.” She apologizes, but it has no real meaning. “I can help you get out, if you want, but you’ll need to do a favour for me..”

Kornel glances up at her. Another mistake. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t that clear.

“Eat this.” With that, she puts the pastry into his mouth. Kornel reacts right away - she’s right, it is good, but he’s really full, quite frankly. At least, for him. Kornel never ate this much. He never had this much food, living on his own.

He swallows, and the woman, satisfied, begins to try and pull him out.
At first, it seems like it’s no use. “Wow, you really got yourself stuck in here..” Kornel only giving a groan in reply. But eventually, in combined efforts, Kornel gets out of the hole, feeling the pressure on his sides release. He leans over, hands on the front counter, breathing heavily.

The woman watches him for a few more seconds before smiling to herself. Kornel glanced up, at her, but he doesn’t do that for long before he begins to feel quite drowsy...

“Wh..whu...What did you....” Kornel only mumbled as he slumped over.

“Put a little spell on it, dear,” The woman only whispered as she leaned down. “Don’t take obvious bait.”

And then, she picked him up.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Nicely done. I didn’t expect that ending. Will there be more? It’s good as is, but I’m just curious.