Pb & j

chapter 1

Everyone referred to Puckley Braden as PB. It had been his nickname since grade school and he was more than accustomed to it. He was handsome, with well-kempt black hair and dark eyes. He was treated well by everyone--almost everyone.

Joseph Lee was an unhappy boy and chose to share that unhappiness with others as often as possible. Not the brightest in the classroom, or the best conversationalist, he found PB to be one of the most bothersome boys in the school. The two boys were very different, and it often caused Joseph to do deleterious things.

"Man, he tried to suck me off," Joseph said to one of his teammates after practice one afternoon in mid-August.

Both Joseph and PB had turned eighteen in July. They had always had parties together, up until about third grade, but that year Joseph proclaimed he didn't want to share his birthday anymore.

In sixth grade their mothers had a joint party for them on the 15th, trying to bring the two back together and save a bit of cash. That was the only year in which an attempted reunion occurred.

After that, they always competed for guests at their birthday parties in middle school. PB's birthday was the 14th and Joseph's was the 17th.

"You're ***ing lying," his teammate, Johnny Davis, replied. "He's a fairy?"

"Why do you think I'm so wary of the guy?" he asked, knowing he was lying his ass off. "Everybody's so progressive nowadays. Heard about that Milk guy in California?"

"Yeah, I did," Johnny said. "Why're they out like that? Can't they keep that sort of thing to themselves?"

"Who're you telling," Joseph responded while buttoning up his jeans.

The next day everyone was talking about how much of a flit PB was. Johnny Davis couldn't hold water, and had told numerous people of what he had learned of PB. Joseph felt slightly bad about what he had done, but he also felt he had done a service. Somebody had to knock that guy off of the pedestal he had been on since the day he was born.

PB ate alone in the cafeteria that day when Joseph, Johnny Davis, and Vick Harrison made their way to his table. He had a lunch tray with a hamburger, fries, and a carton of chocolate milk. He also had a slice of cake and a banana. The trio had finished off their lunches and sought a chance to entertain themselves.

"What's up, you queen?" Vick asked harshly. "Can't believe you haven't even started eating your lunch yet. Trying to watch that girlish figure?" They all laughed at PB.

"Oh you know how homos are," Joseph said taking PB's burger and taking a bite. "They're all concerned with fashion and fitting into hip-huggers." His words were slightly muffled by the food in his mouth. He finished the burger and took his milk. The guys laughed.

"Bet he likes disco," Johnny Davis added.

"Don't forget about his Barbie dolls," Vick said. Joseph had chugged the chocolate milk and belched loudly. The three laughed again and Joseph then ate PB's fries.

Throughout this PB sat silently, a pacifist at heart. But that couldn't keep his blood from boiling. "But we know what you like most of all, PB," Joseph started, finally eating the cake. "Stiff cock in your ass." The group was silent for a moment. Some people at neighboring tables had taken notice to what was happening.

"Only yours, stud," PB replied seamlessly. He picked up the banana and held it out for Joseph. "Might as well finish the meal, you ape. And you wouldn't fit into a pair of hip-huggers with an ass as big as yours."

"What did you say to me, you fag," Joseph spat angrily, snatching the banana from PB.

"Joe, man, let's get out of here," Vick said quickly, noting that the teacher on lunchroom monitoring duty was making his way over to where they stood.

Joseph and the other two boys left PB alone at the table--lunchless, embarrassed, and angry.
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Plumplilbird... 9 years
Probably one of my favorite stories. Extremely well-written and interesting. I wish there was more!!