Points mean prizes

chapter 1

Tom was slim, athletically fit, handsome and he knew it. He liked to flirt with women and watch them blush as he passed. He knew the women who fancied him and he�d go out of his way to make them speechless or squirm with embarrassment. He should have been able to take thing further. He should have been able to take them out, sleep with them, have even more fun, but he couldn�t.
He was married.
Why he had married Sylvia at such a young age, he had no idea. As a man he now felt stunted. He needed to play the field, he needed to experience different things, he needed to find different ways of having sex.
He found married life boring. He�d been married for five years and he had not been faithful for one of them.
His office job did nothing to distract him from his sexual fantasies. All he did was fill in online forms, sign bits of paper and move them from here to there and attend an occasional meeting. He did not find it mentally stimulating at all.
Well that was apart from eying up the new secretaries. He was more interested to find out what the newest temp looked like than he was opening his own post, or answering telephone calls.
Of course, he had a reputation for being naughty! His humour was often very crude. He�d even been accused of sexual harassment in the office on more than one occasion. So far, he had escaped disciplinary action, but he knew his behaviour was often very close to being �too much�
It wasn�t that he didn�t love Sylvia, at home, he did. She was a cute little redhead that he�d gone to school with. He loved her dearly, but, life at home just was not that exciting.

Sylvia had tolerated Tom�s affairs for long enough! Other women would certainly have given up on him long before her. She was not stupid! She knew what he could be like. She had seen women staring at him lovingly in the supermarket. She had seen him turn and smile and then seen them almost swooning with delight. No doubt they were jealous of her, but he was certainly not the easiest man to live with.
The latest affair, she learned, was the sister of one of his friends. It did not matter how long it had been going on. It should never have happened in the first place!
She decided things had to change within their marriage, or it would not last. She came up with a plan, then confronted him with it.
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Kjdfduhfjdf 3 years
I love this one too. Well, I love all your stories but I prefer Ian’s growth or Marriage suits you, that kind. I need more of your stories. I read them several times
AshBear 5 years
This is getting really good!
Growingsofter 5 years
More please
Built4com4t 5 years
always a treat