Pride & gluttony

Chapter 1 - ~1~ old friends

As Jessa proceeded to press the round red button on her iPhone to end the conversation she had with Natalie, her close friend from high school, she couldn't help but feel excitement. Natalie had been a big part of her entire high school experience and at the time, they were inseperable. The reason behind this friendship may have been the secret vice they both shared: finding a handsome man and plumping him up to perfection. At one point in their lives, the secrecy of their sexual fantasies had faded, people they knew had started to catch on to their patterns and layed their judgemental eyes on them whenever they had the chance. This brought the two girls closer together, they were able to bond over their unconventional, shared fetish. After graduating from college, Natalie moved to Austria to start an internship and the girls haven't had a chance to properly catch up, with the exception of several phone calls once every few months. From what Jessa had learned, Natalie was engaged to a man she met a couple of years ago. They never discussed her fiancé's detailed appearance, but knowing her so well and after hearing some of her stories, she was most certainly his feeder and he was definitely big.
`How big exactly?` Jessa wanted to ask, gnawed by curiosity , but could never work up the nerve to ask her. She needed to know, it was part of her competitive nature. Throughout her teenage and young adult years she made sure she had the best clothes, hair, jewelry, make-up...everything! She wouldn't be at peace knowing that Natalie managed to do a better job fattening up her man than she did.
Jessa on the other hand had met her boyfriend, James, a little over a year ago while she was doing her hospital rounds in the E.R. James's sister came in with a fractured arm and while Jessa took the time to put a cast on her arm, she couldn't help but notice his sweet, caring nature and good looks. It wasn't often that she lusted after a man this way, but there was something about him that drove her crazy. He was about sixty pounds lighter at the time, however still fairly overweight. Jessa smiled as she remembered scanning his body from head to toe when he wasn't paying attention, admiring his thick body and especially noticing his tight T-shirt as he took off his jacket. She could easily count the rolls on his stomach through his shirt , which she assumed hadn't been upgraded after an apparent weight gain. The attraction she felt at that moment was inconceivable, she rapidly analysed his fingers, searching for a sign that would suggest that married life could be responsible for the extra weight. She had become quite the expert in reading the type of men she was interested in. The absence of a wedding band planted a slight smirk on her face, it meant that he must simply enjoy his food. She wanted that man more than anything. Jessa didn't hesitate and worked her womanly charm in order to get James to ask her out on a date. For her, this was never a difficult task to accomplish. In addition to being a solid 10/10, she was also a doctor, which made approaching her all the more intimidating, especially for a guy James's size. However, he had enough confidence to easily arrange a date without her having to try too hard, making him appear even sexier in her eyes. They've been together ever since and are currently living together in a modern, spacious apartment in downtown Los Angeles.
Jessa's excitement following today's phone call stemmed from Natalie's proposal to visit her in Vienna and stay at their new house. She had been dreaming of going to Vienna for many years, there was no way she was going to pass up on this offer. More so, the added thrill of the two couples meeting and engaging in a silent competition to prove themselves made the prospect of travelling to see Natalie extremely appealing. She rushed to her calendar to see when she could manage to take some time off work and after a few moments spent checking the dates she realised, to her dismay , that her only option would be to take a week off in approximately 2 weeks.
2 weeks!? That's not nearly enough time to get ready for a trip of this nature..and certainly not enough time to get James ready. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door being unlocked and James stepping inside the apartment.
`Speaking of which...` she thought, looking up at her boyfriend.
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