Revenge of the unwanted

chapter 1- prologue and intro

This story is going to be my first so be as harsh in the comments as you want. I going to try my best to make it interesting and uploads might be slow so be patient.
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A s Joe woke up on Sunday and looked out his window seeing most of his school walking towards the church. Joe's school was very religious and there wasn't a lot of kids that didn't go to church. It was ironic because he was one of the few kids that didn't go to church but his house was right outside the church and he always watched as all the popular kids were dressed in nice dress and tuxedos and some of the less popular kids just in dress shirts.

Occasionally a kid would look up at him and point at him, shout something about him and everyone around them would laugh. You see because Joe was the one that wasn't religious, he was labeled as a weirdo and no one liked him and he had n friends to speak of at school. Even though he is the smartest n his school with all As in double advanced classes, this just made it more a reason to be made fun of.

Just as the crowd was diminishing, he heard a ding symbolizing that a app had finished downloading. He didn't remember downloading any app last night. As he unlocked his phone and saw the app was a image of a triangle. He pressed it to open it. A message popped up saying "We have been watching you from the shadows and seen that you have been cast aside so many times yet we know you are above them in all aspects. If you choose to agree to our terms, we will fulfill any wish you have. He took the good part of the day.

He chose to accept as he was tired of being the underdog. They promised that they will make any wish he wants to come true. The only rule was that if a wish is one that is active during time, he cannot activate another one.

He clicked on the text box that appeared on the bottom of the screen and started to think about what he could do. He could really test the limits of this or he could make a small change in his life. He could make all the girls at his school fat or he could make only one fat. Just thinking about that got him off.

He decided he would start on something small and so little no one would notice. He would make it so he got $100 from his mom right now. He thought about it for a second and immediately click enter because his mom had never helped him when he got bullied. As he clicked enter, he heard a knock on the door and shout "who is it?" and his mom said she had a surprise for him. He opened the door and his mom told him to sit down.

"I know you get bullied at school so I figured I would help improve your life a little by increasing your allowance to $100 this week." Joe hugged his mom because this was the nicest thing she had done in awhile. As he was hugging her Joe got a huge grin on his face knowing that it had worked. He took the money and thanked his mom and started formulating a plan to get payback on all the kids that bullied him....

Thanks for reading! I know there wasn't much of any WG or anything but this was just a intro
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God4331 5 years
I like this story. You do a part where a new girl comes to he’s school and he gets a new version of this app that can make her the one ton range.
Lord_Shark 5 years
Thanks for the feedback Cards. Will do!