chapter 1

So while I have been working on continuing my rather long short story about Colette and Eric, I had a real life exchange happen that I thought could be interesting to members of the feedee/gainer world and their admirers. This doesn’t involve a feeder and the person that has been gaining is not really a feedee. Maybe a foodee, but not someone who is aware of the Fantasy Feeder world to my knowledge. However, her story fits with my perspective that I am amazed that most of us don’t weight 400 pounds or more.

My office often has an intern or two helping out on projects, while they learn. There are a number of local colleges and we get calls from people who would like to learn more about architecture and real estate development and we hire them as interns during the school year, as well as during the summer. This past September we hired Simone (name change to protect anonymity). Simone is a very pleasant 21 year old with a good work ethic. She is about five feet nine inches tall and clearly was an athlete in high school. She has a solid build, but probably weighed around 140 when she started working here.

Simone did her first two years of college living at home. Last summer, she transferred to a new college, which has her living away from home for the first time in her life. That is always an interesting situation, since sometimes people are not even aware of how structured their lives are by living at home with their parents. Simone seems to like her parents, but as this story reveals, they ran a very structured family life that governed Simone’s life when she was living their. As many have discovered, the Freshman 15 or 50 doesn’t always arrive as a result of rebellion. More often, it is the result of a less structured life style with too many opportunities for succumbing to desires. There is a lot of experimentation with sex, drugs, and alcohol, but the most dramatic change in lifestyle is usually with increased opportunities to eat less healthy food, while also no longer being involved in organized sports. And the sex, drugs, and alcohol also have a tendency to contribute to weight gain by lowering inhabitions.

Simone is in the office twice a week for a long half day, plus she comes in when she can, if we have something that we need extra help on. This is frequent enough that small changes can evolve in appearance without really being that noticeable to most people. With my heightened attention to attractive women gaining weight, however, I did notice that Simone was looking a bit rounder and fuller. But with the inappropriateness of getting personal with co-workers, I didn’t say anything or allow myself to pay too much attention to it.

Thursday was a crunch day for us to prepare an application ready for submission to a municipality. Lots of copying and assemblage of numerous documents. Simone came in after lunch and helped me get it done. This ended up going into the evening and the two of us stayed late to finish. At around 7:00 PM I told her I was going to get something delivered for dinner and asked what she would like. She was hesitant, but I offered that the office would pay. Still, she wasn’t telling me what she wanted. I explained that we probably would not be done until around 10:00 and she needed dinner.

I will try to recall the dialogue that followed accurately, although a lot of it will be paraphrased. But it captures the tone and topic.

“Sure, like I need dinner,” she answered soundly dejected.

I was a bit puzzled and encouraged her to just tell me what she would like. “We’re going to be here for a while and there is no reason not to let the office pay,” I explained. “Really, anything that you like,” I continued.

“What I would like is to be able to fit into my clothes,” she answered, looking embarrassed as soon as she said this.

I did notice that she was wearing sweat pants, but that is not particularly unusual for college kids and we are not a particularly formal office. I did my best to respect the co-worker divide, although we did have a friendly relationship and in the past had talked about many things that didn’t have anything to do with the office.

I went back to the immediate purpose of the conversation and suggested that, since we would be working late, it made sense for her to let me order her something for dinner. I really was trying my best to ignore the voice inside my head that was shouting at me to ask her about not fitting into her clothes, but I controlled myself.

“I am getting so fat, I don’t know what to do,” she continued. “Since I got to school this Fall, I have been getting fatter and fatter and I am now at a point that nothing fits without me looking like I am a pillow stuffed into a sock.” Great analogy, I thought.

I tried to be supportive, but maintain appropriate boundaries and simply suggested that, if she had actually gained weight, it wasn’t all that noticeable. After all, most college students put on some weight when they get to school and it is January when the cold can stimulate the appetite. As I was saying this, I realized that she actually had been dressing in the kinds of clothing that would conceal extra pounds. Despite that, or perhaps partially because of it, I had noticed that she looked like she was putting on weight and looked a bit fuller. But I did not say any of this.

“Simone, I am sure you have nothing to worry about and all I am thinking is that you have been here since early afternoon and it makes sense for us to have something to eat while we get this done. If your not hungry, no problem, but if you would like something, just let me know,” I offered.

At this point, she looked like she was going to cry and I didn’t want her upset, since I really needed her help me get the work done. I apologized for suggesting dinner and said it was no big deal. I told her that I could wait until later to get something.

“No. That’s not fair,” she answered. “I’m just in a funk because everyone gave me a hard time when I was home for Christmas about how fat I have gotten and in the two weeks since then I feel like I have been eating more, not less. I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she confessed.

I again said that there was no problem and I would just wait until later.

“But, the truth is I am starving,” she admitted.

I tried to take charge in the most unoffensive way. “If you are hungry, I can order dinner for us while we work. It is no big deal. Whatever you would like,” I offered again.

“Whatever I like?” she asked. “That is my problem. There is too much that I like and being on the meal plan at the college allows me to have whatever I want whenever I want it and now I am huge and my clothes don’t fit and I don’t know what to do. And I am starving, she said as tears welled in her eye. “What are you going to order?” she asked after a short pause.

So, I am no saint, and I did understand that the last thing this young girl needed was some older jerk enjoying himself with his fetish, but I am sure I was affected by the situation. Still I tried to just be pragmatic. “Simone, you look great,” I consoled her,”and I am sure that it is not so bad. Maybe you just need to get some new clothes and relax. Do you know Sam’s Restaurant in town? It has Italian food.”

“I’ve never been to Sam’s, but I do like Italian,” she answered.

I handed her a menu.

“Anything I want?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered, noticing that her attention had quickly shifted from complaining about being too fat to eat. It was obvious that Simone has an appetite. She ordered a sausage and pepper hero and a container of pasta fagioli soup.

“Anything for dessert,” I asked, realizing that I was not doing a particularly good job with remaining neutral on her dilemma.

Looking a bit startled, but quickly turning her attention back to the desserts on the menu. “I guess maybe the tiramisu, if you are encouraging me,” she answered with a smile.

Now was my turn to be startled. Encouraging? I wondered if she meant what that could mean to me, although I realized that I do not have the word “feeder” tattooed on my forehead. I maintained appropriate behavior and let it slide, although I was impressed with how quickly she had gone from not wanting to consider eating dinner to a maybe 1,500 calorie order.

I called Sam’s to place the order and we got back to work. About 45 minutes later the delivery guy was here and I put the food in the kitchen. We had made good progress and had most of the documents ready, just needing to be put into packets. I suggested that we take a break and have dinner.
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Karenjenk 4 years
Please continue
CeReallyFat 4 years
Really cute, nice way to help out people but in an exciting way ^^
Kamina 4 years
I'm at chapter 4, and I like how you're balancing this really well. It makes it great, like "slice of life" style kind of.
Arch329 4 years
The third chapter was too long so I edited it and put the missing part in as Chapter 4. Hope you enjoy.

If you haven't noticed, I added several chapters to Colette a couple of weeks ago. I think I have two more chapters to go for that story.
Karenjenk 4 years
I hope you keep going!!