chapter 1

Matt and I have had a pretty good living arrangement for the last year. We'd been splitting the rent on a three bedroom townhouse, which gave us enough money to pay on our student loans. Since we're twins, it seemed only natural that we both went to the same college, Georgia Tech, and both got business degrees. When we got our degrees we both took jobs in Atlanta, and sharing a townhouse made good economic sense. We once shared a bedroom when we were kids, so sharing a townhouse is no big deal. We're not identical twins, although we do look a lot alike. Both about six feet tall, and about 170 pounds, with sandy hair and brown eyes. And we like a lot of the same things. Craft beer and football, for instance. Where we are very different is in our taste of women.

Matt likes women that are tall and preferably blonde. Curves are fine with Matt, but not fat. Never fat. His ideal woman would be about five foot ten, blonde and athletic. Which pretty well described his girlfriend, Kelly. We met her at the local brew pub, and Matt made the approach. One thing led to another, they dated for a while and soon she moved in. I didn't mind. Kelly was easy going, had a good sense of humor, and helped out with the household chores. She also knew that she didn't have to worry about me making any kind of play for her. While Matt likes the willowy athletic types, I'm very different. Tall is okay, but not really important to me. Hair color doesn't matter very much to me either. But I'm a confirmed chubby chaser. I've known it ever since puberty. When we were kids, Matt started chasing the cheer leaders. I dated the plump girls. At first I was embarrassed about it, so I dated girls who were just a little on the plump side. Matt and I talked about everything, and when I confided in him that I'd like to date the chubbier girls, he told me, "Jeff, date who you want. Screw what anybody thinks. If you like chubby, then go for it. Besides," he grinned, punching me in the arm, "there are lots of chubby girls around that nobody else is after. The field is wide open." That did it for me. I got a lot less teasing about it than I thought, probably because everyone knew that Matt had my back, and if anyone got too far out of line, he'd be dealing with both Matt and me.

When Matt and Kelly connected, he told her about my preferences in girls. "I never worried about Jeff trying to poach any girl I dated," he told Kelly while we were having a few beers. "He made a great wing man, because when I wanted to hit on a skinny girl, he was more than happy to hit on her fat friend."

"That's a pretty handy arrangement Matt," laughed Kelly. "But you're mine now so all that's in the past, right?"

"Right!" answered Matt. "And like I said, I never worry about Jeff and you while I'm out of town, cause you're just not his type."

"Unless I get fat, is that it?"

That's when I figured I'd better step in. "Even if you got fat, I wouldn't make a move on you, cause after all you're my brother's girlfriend. Although," I couldn't resist teasing, "if you were to grow a nice big booty..."

"Well that'll never happen, right babe?" Matt chimed in. "Cause you know that it would break my heart."

"Well it hasn't happened yet," teased Kelly, "especially the way you keep dragging me to the gym. But you never know..."

We all laughed at that, because she was just teasing, right?
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Jazzman 6 years
Loved the Story! Even the surprise ending.
Write a Sequel.
Fatforfun 6 years
I'm glad that you're all enjoying this. It's been a lot of fun writing it. Once I created these characters, they kind of started writing their own story. After chapter 14 there's one more chapter to go. I hope you like how Matt, Kelly and Jeff's story
Jazzman 6 years
Chapter 13.Fabulous!
Jazzman 6 years
This is Wonderful!
Jazzman 6 years
Nice turn of events.Great Story
Theswordsman 6 years
The only way i can see them becoming a couple without repercussions is if matt either gets caught cheating or doesnt come back but either way this is a good story.
Jazzman 6 years
And 6 more months coming.Wow! She has a closeted feedee vibe
GrowHerBelly 6 years
Damn good story
Rstlne 6 years
Can't wait to hear were she sleeps...
Theswordsman 6 years
Like the story cant wait to see how things go with Matt.
Jazzman 6 years
This is Perfect.Best story right now
Xavier311 6 years
girlfriend willingly participated, essentially just the inverse of a typical FA relationship. No offense intended, just my two cents. Great read though.
Xavier311 6 years
Really great story so far. Weird as hell scenario applied to real life but it works well for fiction. I personally don't think Matt is a heartless bastard for wanting his girlfriend to stay slim. I mean he was open and honest about his preferences and his
Karenjenk 6 years
Oh my gosh.. pelase keep going i love this
Jazzman 6 years
Great potential. Matt is a heartless pig and will get whats coming to him in spades I think.
Rstlne 6 years
I think I'm hooked.
Fatchance 6 years
This is a great start! Can't wait for more!