Who is fooling who?

chapter 1

When Paul met Tammy, he didn't know which feeling came first. Like, or lust. Tammy was about five feet, seven inches, with long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. And she weighed about 240 pounds. She had a pair of EE breasts that rested on a full, round belly, broad hips and a butt that wiggled in all directions when she walked. Which was the first view that Paul had of Tammy, when he saw her walk into the coffee shop ahead of him. As a confirmed chubby chaser, he was entranced. They got into line, and Paul struck up a conversation about whether he should get his usual large extra dark roast, or for a change maybe he should try one of the blends. When Tammy looked Paul over, she saw a fairly tall guy, about five feet eleven inches, with brown eyes and wavy brown hair. His build was medium. Not a hard body, but no visible fat on him. For her part, she was a little surprised that he seemed to be coming on to her, since most guys who looked like him wanted nothing to do with a fat girl. And Tammy had no illusions, she knew that she was a fat girl. So she decided to see if he really was coming on to her, or just was making casual conversation.

"I like their Indonesian Blend, with a shot of hazelnut cream. And I never pass up their chocolate croissant to go with it. Which helps explain," she patted her soft belly, "why I've got this."

Paul was a little taken aback by her directness about her weight, but on the other hand, it was refreshing to meet a girl who didn't try to pretend. "That? Oh, you mean your curves. If you don't mind my noticing them."

Tammy laughed. "You can call them curves if you want, even though I call them bulges. But if you'd like to continue the curve/bulge debate, we can share a table."

"You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to...sure, I'd like to share a table."

They introduced each other, got their coffees and croissants and sat down. Conversation flowed naturally. They talked about their work, he was a video game designer, she was an accountant, and a little about where they were from, college, hobbies, the usual. When they finished, they exchanged numbers.

Paul wasn't one for playing games, and he didn't think Tammy was either. So that night he called her, and asked her out. They agreed to meet on Friday night at an Italian restaurant that was close to both of them. He made reservations and at the appointed time they met at Luigi's and sat at their table. They ordered wine, which came with breadsticks, which they both dug into. They both ordered a hearty entrée, which came with salad, more bread, and plenty of pasta. Again, conversation came easily, and they hardly noticed that they had gone through an impressive amount of food. When the waitress came by and asked if they wanted dessert, Tammy spoke up. "Why not? It's Friday night and we're having a great time." Paul absolutely agreed and they each got a different dessert and shared. Soon, they had demolished both desserts.

"Well," Tammy said, leaning back, "Now you know why I'm so fat. As you can see, I like to eat."

"Good," answer Paul. "I can't stand being with a girl who spends all night picking at a piece of lettuce and complaining about her diet."

"And you don't mind," Tammy waved at her belly.

"I think you're beautiful. And sexy." For a moment, Paul was worried that he had taken it a step too far on the first date. But, Tammy smiled at him.

"And that coming from such a sexy man. I think we need more wine."
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Hurgon 6 years
The pedestals the girls have put Jim and Paul on are going to be groaning! Great work!
Growingsofter 6 years
More please. And soon. This is wonderful.
Jktab 6 years
i cant weight (lol) for chapter 9
Hurgon 6 years
Love page 7, especially Jeff and Marty's typically casual 'guy' response to Paul's big meal.
Hurgon 6 years
Seconded! Excellent start!
Jktab 6 years