The big deal

Chapter 1 - the big deal

Piper and Scott were old news as far as couples go. They had dated for two years and were now looking to take their relationship to the next level. Being part of the "millennial generation" they weren't keen on the idea of marriage just yet. Instead, they decided it was time for them to move in together. The question was, with each of them seemingly attached to their own place, where would they go?

"There's no way I'm moving into your crummy apartment! This place is a total dump! " declared Piper, who was prone to these kinds of outbursts.

Piper was a 25-year-old nurse who spent her days keeping patients and her fellow nurses in line. She wasn't bossy, she just had a low tolerance for bullshit and sometimes lost her temper. She tended to be impulsive and extraverted, preferring action to deliberation. Her well-toned body reflected her affinity for adventure and competition as she stood 5'5'' and weighed a slight 115 pounds.As Piper voiced her frustration with Scott, she angrily ran her hands through her short, jet-black hair; her normally broad, toothy smile and soft green eyes were replaced with a piercing scowl.

As usual, Scott met all of Piper's occasional turbulence with his signature degree of calmness. He was perpetually even-tempered, which was often helpful in his part-time job as an Uber driver. For all of Piper's brashness, Scott was equally cerebral and contemplative; he preferred to solve problems with cunning. Over the years, he learned that the best way to handle Piper's fits of passion was to redirect her energy into something else.

"I feel the same about moving into your place, so it looks like we're at an impasse" he replied calmly. From the moment they decided to move in together, Scott knew they'd eventually argue like this. However, he schemed about how to make the situation work to his advantage and had already prepared a plan. "Actually, I have an idea but you might not like it..."

"Ugh, just spill it. We both need to decide whether to renew our leases or not within the next few days." responded a testy Piper.

"Well, I'm willing to move into your place..." responded Scott. Piper's eyes lit up with excitement and her mouth began to curl into a smile. "If you'll gain at least 30 pounds over the next year."

"WHAT!?" shouted Piper, feelings of rage quickly replaced her fleeting happiness. Ever since they started dating, Scott had hinted, sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly, that she could stand to gain some weight. Piper mostly shrugged off the comments, thinking it was a phase that would pass. Clearly, she had misjudged him and now he was trying to coerce her into getting fat. That sneaky bastard.

"So, you'll seriously move into my place if I promise to fatten up?" asked an angry Piper. Scott nodded. Piper really loved the townhouse that she had lived in for the past two years. It was affordable, close to her work, and it offered a ton more space than Scott's dingy one-bedroom apartment; she loathed the prospect of losing it but this deal was absurd.

"And what happens if you move in and I don't fulfill my promise?" she asked.

"Then after one year we move to my apartment. That's only fair, right? But if you keep the promise then we stay at your place as long as you'd like" said Scott.

Piper considered her options. She could refuse the deal and continue arguing, but that would probably end with her being tricked into moving into Scott's apartment anyway. She could accept the deal and not follow through, but that would also end with her in Scott's apartment. Or...she could just end the relationship. "Not gonna happen. He may be a deviant but he's my deviant." she thought to herself.

The last option was to take the "big deal". Piper wasn't one of those girls obsessed with her figure, but 30 pounds in a year would be quite a change and she also didn't relish the idea of potentially buying new clothes. On the other hand, she loved a good meal and this would be the perfect excuse to indulge. Plus, Scott would obviously appreciate it. She looked down at her light frame; she had modest B-cup breasts, a flat midsection, and a pert, tight little ass. She wondered where the extra 30 pounds would accumulate on her slender figure...

"Alright pervy boy, you've got yourself a deal. But you've got to see this through as well; no breaking up with me after I get a big ole potbelly!" said Piper. She could already feel a sense of relief wash over her; as much as she was prone to argue she actually hated it.

"Are you kidding me? I won't be able to keep my hands off it!" exclaimed Scott as he rushed toward her, giving her a big hug and kissing her neck. He could hardly believe it, his plan actually worked! Scott knew that Piper would be less likely to argue with the deal if he acted as though he was attached to his apartment. In reality though, his apartment was a hovel compared to Piper's place and so he wasn't that bothered about moving. He had given up very little to realize one of his biggest fantasies...a chubby Piper!

"Just one more thing" said Piper, pushing Scott away from her for the moment. "You said that the deal is for 'at least' 30 pounds over the next year. So do I get bonus points or something for anything beyond that?" she asked with a chuckle.

"No, thirty is just the minimum amount needed for the deal. I just figured that you might reach a point where you can't help yourself and so I wanted to let you know that going over is also acceptable." replied Scott in a serious tone.

Piper erupted with laughter. "You must be delusional if you think I'd actually gain more than 30 pounds! Oh my sweet, sweet, sick, little Scotty. Tell you what, I'll get started now because you are just so funny". Piper went into the kitchen, grabbed two Oreos, and crammed them into her mouth. "Mmmmmm!" she said while chewing the high-calorie cookies. "I'm gonna get sooooo fat!" she said teasingly with a mouthful of Oreo. She grabbed a couch pillow and stuffed it under her shirt; she began to melodramatically rub her pretend belly.

Scott laughed at Piper's truly ridiculous performance. However, he also thought to himself: "Just you wait..."
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Crudeatoms 3 years
This is a great story - fun, sweet and sexy. I love picturing how married life would go for these two.
Fatowl 3 years
Great Story! Great twist of events! Spicy gals make better characters and offer more opportunities to explore different storylines. Such a pleasure to read a story where the gal only gains to 160 to 225 instead of morbid obesity. Open ending left much
Twigzybird 7 years
Fantastic! The perfect blend of charming and sensual. Really fun read
Girlcrisis 7 years
Brilliant from start to finish. Loved the deviously clever plot, witty dialogue and little twists.
Jazzman 7 years
SO Wonderful. Thank you.
Mattnagle 7 years
Great story really well written,hope you continue with it ,a good read thanks so much.
Jazzman 7 years
Really great writing style and pacing.A believable plot . You've really done extremely well!
Fatforfun 7 years
I'm really enjoying this. Great imagery.
Montuemon 7 years
Wonderful, looking forward to more!
Girlcrisis 7 years
Brilliantly witty and clever as always. Loving the development of Piper's character as she slowly begins to enjoy her side of the bargain.
Jazzman 7 years
My pleasure.
Now. Once Again. You Absolutely Nailed Piper's gain in that chapter. Brilliantly Executed!
GhostPepper 7 years
I'd hate for small errors to detract from the story. The grammar mistake has been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out, Jazzman.
Jazzman 7 years
I just looked at a previous grammar comment and have to point out a pet peeve of mine. You are is "You're " in contraction form. You used "your " in two consecutive sentences and it should have been "you're " and "your ".This is Too great a story for that
Jazzman 7 years
I cannot begin to describe how Perfectly you Nailed This Chapter! AND how Perfectly you have set up her getting to probably 160-165 by the Deadline. AND After the Deadline to a Feedee BBW. Awesome Job!
Jazzman 7 years
Masterful Story. Everything is realistic. Great job!
Zurea 7 years
Very lovely story, can't wait to see where this goes!
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
This is continuing nicely. Great job!
Simssmo 7 years
Loved this story so far. Very well written. Can't wait for more
Jazzman 7 years
Terrific pacing and a good rhythm. Can't wait for more.
Growingsofter 7 years
Love it. More please.
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