Absence makes the girl grow fatter

Chapter 1 - the not-so dream job

For Chelsea, a young, recent college graduate with smarts, beauty, and a new job as a writer for a popular style magazine, the world was her oyster. The only problem? She was leaving behind her boyfriend, Jason, as she traveled across the country to the east coast.

"We'll talk every night, babe. I promise," Jason said as Chelsea readied to board the plane.

Chelsea's eyes were red and itchy from all the crying she had done. Even with her long, sandy blonde hair with soft curls and waves pulled back into a pony-tail and extremely casual outfit of sweat pants and a t-shirt, she still somehow managed to look beautiful. Chelsea hated the fact that she was leaving Jason, but he was still in his last year of college and she couldn't pass up the opportunity to take on her dream job at Elan Magazine.

"I know...it just won't be the same as being with you though. I'll be counting down the days until you're able to visit," Chelsea replied longingly.

"Yes! I can't wait for our Thanksgiving feast together!" Jason answered.

Chelsea heard the loudspeaker announce that her flight was boarding; her eyes teared up again and she began to sniffle. She embraced Jason tightly and the young couple kissed passionately.

"I love you, Jason!" she cried, as she began to walk away.

"I love you too, Chelsea! Hey, don't let those big city folks turn you into a snob or something, okay?" he shouted.

Chelsea laughed through her tears and said, "Don't worry, I'll be the same old me when we see each other next - promise!" She made her way to the terminal and boarded the plane with a mix of excitement and sadness.


The blazing sun made the bustling city exceptionally warm, even for late July. Chelsea was one week into her new job and loving every bit of it. Chelsea's co-workers in the writing department were friendly, exclusively female, and slightly older than her. Work assignments were tough, but engaging and rewarding. Chelsea thought that everything was going really well, and it was, that is until she met him.

Brent had just returned from vacation, tanned, but unchanged in terms of sporting his usual shit-eating grin. His sleek black hair was combed back into an Elvis-like coiffure and his trimmed eyebrows added an extra flair of venom to his characteristic scowl. He peered about the office in the same way a fox would look around a hen house, eyeing up the dozen or so female employees all at once as they worked in their cubicles. His eyes spotted the young, blonde-haired, fresh face in the back corner of the lofted room and he made a bee-line toward her. "Fresh meat..." was his singular, lascivious thought.

"Why hello there. You must be Miss Chesterfield, our new hire. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Brent Wormwood, Assistant Director of Marketing," Brent said, his words practically dripping with oil.

Chelsea had just taken a bite of her morning muffin when she approached by Brent. She felt a bit embarrassed as she stood up, shook his hand, and said, "Oh yes...how do you do?", her words muffled by her mouthful of food.

"I am doing very well indeed," Brent replied as plainly ogled Chelsea. He towered over her petite, 5'2" frame as he stood at least 8 inches taller than her. His vantage gave him a good view of the small amount of cleavage produced by her low cut top and ample bosom.

"And how are you doing? Adjusting well to your new home? I understand that you came to us from across the country."

"Yes. It's great, I'm settling in and..."

"You know I could show you around, take you to all the sights. Just say the word," Brent interrupted. He had begun to edge toward Chelsea and although she wasn't exactly a pushover, she began to feel a bit intimated by him.

"I uh..."

"Just think about, ok? I'm sure we'd have a great time." Brent began to walk away, but took about three steps, turned on a dime, and added, "Oh, and Chelsea, you might want to watch those carbs. In my opinion, we've had too many young women here spoil their figures with desk work and snacks like that," he pointed to her half-eaten muffin, winked, and continued on his way.

Chelsea stood dumbfounded at what just happened and the fact that one of the more important persons at her company was a total sleaze bag. Chelsea was just about to say something to her office neighbor, Michelle, but she got in the first word.

"Yeah, so we didn't tell you about Brent. He's kind of a womanizer and..."

"A total dick?" interrupted Chelsea.

"Yes! Needless to say, we all loathe Brent," Michelle replied and turned to face the rest of the women in the office who seemed to be listening in on the conversation. They all nodded their heads solemnly.

"How is this guy still here? Hasn't anybody said anything?"

"He's the director's son. We've tried complaining but it turns out the director is also a 'good old boy', doesn't believe our claims, thinks it just office horseplay..."

"Ugh, so disgusting," Chelsea scoffed.

"Yeah and now that he's set his sights on you, you'll be seeing him around here a lot," Michelle added. "Sorry sister, we've all been there."

Chelsea looked sullen. Everything had been simply wonderful until this jackass appeared. Now he threatened to make her life a living hell. A part of her felt like crying, but she knew there had to be something she could do. After all, the other girls had shaken him off, why couldn't she do the same?

"Michelle, I'm curious, how did you get Brent to stop bothering you?"

"Oh, well, that's how I got this." The tall, 28-year-old girl with shoulder-length, chestnut brown hair placed two hands on her chubby middle. She was by no means fat, but she was clearly out of shape with her little pot belly and wide ass.

"I began to put it on when he started harassing me. Maybe it was stress, maybe it was...I don't know. But soon after he wouldn't even give me a second look. She chuckled to herself and added, "You know, I used to be a volleyball player, but now I get winded going up the stairs sometimes..."

Chelsea stood aghast as she looked around the office. She didn't want to say anything at first, but she did notice that while many of the office girls were beautiful young women, it was odd that so many of them were so, well...pudgy.

"Have you all put on weight after starting here?" Chelsea asked, addressing her fellow co-workers.

Again, the young women all nodded solemnly.

"Poor things..." Chelsea said aloud. She put her hand over her mouth, embarrassed at her lack of filter.

"It's actually not bad. We all go out for foodie events from time to time and a few of us have become really good bakers in the process. The best part is that there's no judgment. Well, except for Brent. He thinks we've all become fat pigs." Michelle said with a grin. "Not that I'm trying to tell you how to live your life, but if you want to fend off Brent you might want to ditch the gym and hit the buffet."

Chelsea was still trying to process how a group of such up and coming young ladies had been harassed to the point where letting themselves go was their only solution. She felt as though there had to be another way.

"Well, I appreciate the advice, but I've got some other ideas for now. You know, being ditzy, giving him the cold shoulder, mentioning my boyfriend..."

"Good luck with that, honey. I think you'll find that Brent is a different kind of animal. Don't worry though, there'll always be more of those around here should you decide to change your mind," Michelle said as she pointed to Chelsea's half-eaten muffin.

Everything that had just happened riled up Chelsea and she returned to her desk in a huff. She just couldn't believe how unfair her situation had suddenly become. She stared at the bran muffin sitting on her desk for half a second before cramming a large chunk of it into her mouth out of sheer anger.

"Get fat...psshh!" Chelsea thought to herself. "I can't imagine what Jason would say if decided to let myself go just to spite somebody at work."
Chelsea continued to munch on the muffin which had been made by Sasha, one of the larger girls in the office.

"Boy, this muffin sure is delicious...mmm!" Chelsea thought. She resumed working on her latest article and before she knew it, she had completely devoured the huge muffin. The only remnant of the carb-heavy and sugary treat was the crumbs scattered all over Chelsea's pants.
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