The experiment

chapter 1

Hi I'm James, and hi I'm Tim. We have signed up for this bulking up class and we are about to go. James is 6'2 and has a six pax, Tim is 5'10 and also has has a six pack. They have been best friends since 2 grade, now they are in 10th grade and like to workout together. Neither of them have had an inch of fat in them in there lives, so this "bulking up" thing is new to them.
We're here, hello is anyone there BANG!!!! BANG!!!! They were both knocked out by some one. When James woke up he was hooked up to a weird Machine, it looked like it would pump something in to his mouth. All of a sudden a voice came from the shadows. Look at you, you are so skinny you needs some meat on those bones. James was so scared. All of a sudden a loud noise came from behind him. And a cream liquid came through it. He started to feel something in his stomach. A sound rain through the the room, PLOP!!! He looked down and he saw a little lair of fat on his once ripped body. He stared to freak out. Omg I have fat on my body!!!! Plop, another layer. He had a very tight underarm shirt on. It started to get so tight in him. His size 24 pants started to get extremely tight, until, POP!!! The button flew off and hit the wall on the other side of the room. Plop another layer of fat.Tim woke up in a room with nothing but food in it. There was a table In front of him with a pill and a drink, there was a note, it said, take this pill and you can get out. He took it and and all of a sudden he felt hungry. This was odd for him he was never this hunger. So he decided to start eating the food, there was cake, donuts, chocolate, burgers, fries, soda, cookies, ice cream, and so much more. Tim stared to devour the food. Each bite was so good he couldn't stop. He felt his stomach get really tight and it started to hurt, but he was so hunger he couldn't stop. Bite after bite, his belly got even more tight. His once toned abs were now covered by a thin layer of fat. His under armor shirt was starting to roll up his belly. He noticed it, he was so scared but he couldn't stop eating...
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