The summer gain(chapter 2 add)

chapter 1

It was the first day of summer and Alec was ready to go home and lay around all day everyday. Alec was 15 years old, 5'7 and very skinny, he also had gorgeous brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. One thing he is missing was a belly, he had always wanted to be fat, but he was a swimmer and had toned abs, but that summer things were going to change.

I was laying in my bed watching tv with my shirt off, no pants on, just underwear. When my favorite show came on, this episode was about a boy and his friend who wanted to get fat.
When he saw this he felt something in his underwear, he looked down and saw he was as hard as he had ever been. He was confused, he never got hard at boys before and they were gaining weight.
So that night Alec looked up weight gain stories and fat teen boys. When he saw these he looked down and said, I'm way to skinny.
That night he decided to start gaining weight. He weights 95 pounds of pure muscle. He wares a size 10 pants, and a youth medium shirt.

His parents are never home so he can easily gain weight without them knowing. For breakfast Alec had a whole box of doughnut, his parents always go out and and get dunken doughnuts for him in the morning, he usually only has two of the twelve dounuts but he had all twelve today. He could barley eat the last one, but he pushed thought it and ate the last doughnut. After he ate all the doughnuts, he had to find a good way to gain weight in a couple of months. So he went online and looked a good way to help him gain weight, he saw something about a gainer shake, so he walked to the Walmart near his house and bought the ingredients. His parents leave him money for food.
He got home and started to make the shake, it said on the internet to drink one every day if you want to gain 7 pounds in a week. The gainer shake had 3,000 calories in it. He also decided to add some other fattening things into the shake, so this made it have 4,000 calories instead 3,000. When he was done making it he drank the whole blender of it which was the 4,000 calories. When he did his Belly was so bloated.
After a week of eating and drinking gainer shakes his clothes are already starting to get tight. His size 10 pants are looking ready to pop, and his shirts are starting to ride up his belly. So Alec decided to go weigh himself. ( He has had 84,000 calories in a week because of the shakes and the extra foods he ate with the shake) he stepped on the scale... 115 pounds!!
His once ripped stomach now has a small but noticeable belly sticking out, his chest is still pretty flat. He can barley fit into any of his pants and his shirts are starting to hug his skin.
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