The fattening

chapter 1

Weightgain story: Weight gain story
Hi I'm Sean and I'm 14 years old and I have always been skinny. I've always wanded what it would be like to be fat, I've seen fat kids all the time. When I was younger I would put pillows in shirt and act like I was fat. It was so fun and now I whant to actually gain weight, for real. A couple of weeks ago a new kid move here from New York, his name is jack, he look to be 185 and 5'7. So one day I went over to his house a introduced myself to him. I I saw him up close is was in shock,chef was so big. Hi I'm jack he said. Hi I'm Sean, I live a few houses down from you. Oh cool he said, come in. Ok. We talked for hours, turned out we had a lot in common. But I haven't asked him the question, "what is it like to be fat". I gained the couge to finally ask him. I was so nervous what he would say. He said he loved it. So I finally as can you help me gain weight, I explain why, it was slilent for a second and he started to smile... Yes I will he said, how about we start now. We walk into the kitchen and he opened the fridge and it was filled with the fattest foods I've ever seen. We stuff our selfs, but I got much more full faster than him. So he started to feed me instead, when that was done I was so full. I decided to stay the night. we when up to his room and took of our shirts, we rubbed our bellies. Jack said we have a lot of work to do if you want to get fat. Ya I'm only 5,6 and 90 pounds. Its could going to take awhile. That night jack told him.The next morning jack woke up and started to think to himself, " how am I going to get him fat in a couple of months. It's the first day of summer and Sean was so excited he went right over to jacks house after school. Jack did not go to school because he was home schooled. When Sean got there jack was very excited. Jack had a big plan to tell Sean. Sean you have to eat 3500 calories a day for the whole summer, it will go up as you gain weight. Jack said. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of food, said Sean. Well if you want to get fat that's what you are going to have to do, he said. I have a few things that can help you gain, said jack. They are gainer shakes, gainer powder, and pills that slow your metabolism. We will weigh you every week. Ok said Sean. We start tomorrow.
Ok Sean are you ready, yes!!! Jack took out the powder and pills and said have the pill before you eat, and then have the gainer shake with the gainer powder in it. Sean ate the pill then drank the gain shake. He already felt stuffed. Oh and also have this it helps you eat more in one serving, it was a pill, said jack. You could see that he was very bloated. How do you feel Sean said jack. Great. Now it's time to stuff. All the most fitting food in to your mouth, said jack. A massive plate of donuts, muffins, cheese cake, chocolate, pound cake, and much more came out of the kitchen. Sean started to suff himself until he feel like he was going to pop. How do you feel Sean, stuffed, he said. Let me unbutton your pants. Pop, that's nice, said Sean. They did the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

The first weight, you stared at 90 pounds, now you are 100 pounds. He could see his little Belly forming. There was probably an inch of fat on him. I have a new goal, you do jack asked. I want to have stretch marks, he said. I can make that happen.
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