The fattening of zoe smith

chapter 1

Mrs. Aldridge did not approve of Zoe Smith. Though undeniably thin and pretty the raven haired nineteen year old had few other qualities to recommend her. She was, thought Mrs. Aldridge, a very mediocre girl. An airhead who though of little but fashion and film stars. She had neither any special skills, nor any special education. She came from no special family and had no special background. The girl just wasn't good enough.
Zoe's many insufficiencies would not have bothered Mrs. Aldridge quite so much if it wasn't for the fact that her son; Patrick Aldridge, a young man recently turned 21 years old; had taken a very different view of her. He had fallen head over heels in love with the girl.
Perhaps it was her fresh young face, her long, raven hair, her deep, dark eyes, her bright, vibrant smile, or her shapely, sensuous curves. Whatever his reason the young man was obviously smitten with miss Smith. The two of them had been going steady for some time and Zoe had recently moved in with Patrick and his mother.
It wasn't her personality that was the problem. Zoe was a polite girl. She did her best to pay her respects to the woman she thought would be her future mother in law. The problem was that Mrs. Aldridge thought her son deserved better. He deserved someone intelligent, someone ambitious. A girl from a good family with a good education. The aimless and ordinary Zoe simply wasn't up to snuff.
Given time she had no doubt that Patrick would tire of the girl all on his own. But that might take years. By then he might have married her. Or worse: gotten her pregnant. The only question was how to get rid of her.
That question got it's answer when one evening, to Mrs. Aldridge's dismay, her son dragged her along to meet with Zoe's parents.
Like so many girls her age Zoe seemed always to be on a diet. She shunned sweets of all sorts and avoided rich foods like the plague. Upon meeting the girl's mother Mrs. Aldridge quickly understood her fear of fatty foods
Mrs Smith looked very much like her daughter. The two shared the same features and, as far as Mrs. Aldridge could tell, the same bone structure. But, unlike Zoe, Mrs Smith was not thin. She was massive. A huge ball of a woman with a round red face. Her once pretty features made small by round cheeks and wobbling chins.
Intrigued at the woman's sheer size Mrs. Aldridge decided to find out more. Upon scouring through some old photo albums she found that things had not always been as they now were. Mrs. Smith had not always been fat and Zoe had not always been thin.
Zoe's mother had, in fact, been a very beautiful woman once upon a time. She'd been every bit as shapely and curvaceous as her daughter was now. Her pregnancy, and the stress of raising little Zoe, seemed to have irrevocably ruined her figure. Over the years her body had slowly expanded until finally she had reached her present state.
Zoe on the other hand had, as it turned out, been a very fat little girl. As she looked through the old photos Mrs. Aldridge saw a girl with thick thighs, full arms, a round belly, and a cherubic face with a soft spare chin. Not until she was sixteen years old had Zoe turned into the slender, sensuous woman with whom Mrs. Aldridge had the misfortune of being familiar.
A conversation with Mrs. Smith soon revealed more. It seemed that as a child Zoe'd had quite an appetite. She'd loved nothing more than to stuff her face with sweets and with the heavy meals her mother cooked for her. It was not at all strange that she'd grown into a very fat little girl. Mrs. Smith had never minded her daughter's size and for many years neither had the girl herself.
As she reached her teens however Zoe's weight had turned into a problem. Her friends had teased her and boys had paid her no attention. In the end she'd sworn to shed every last inch of superfluous fat from her figure. She'd wanted to look just like the glamorous film stars that she so admired and adored. Mrs. Aldridge couldn't help but to think that the girl had been very succesful.
"Zoe really is a beautiful girl." Said Mrs. Aldridge. "You must be very proud of her?"
"Oh yes." Said Mrs. Smith, though she did not sound quite as enthusiastic as Mrs. Aldridge would have expected. In fact Mrs. Aldridge thought that she could detect a hint of resentment in the woman's voice. Though she was undoubtedly proud of the beautiful Zoe it seemed that Mrs. Smith secretly envied her daughter her slim figure. "Still..." Mrs. Smith said. "I worry that she isn't eating enough. It can't be healthy to starve yourself like that just to squeeze into a dress."
"Well..." Mrs Aldridge did her best not to smile. "Maybe I could help with that? If you were to tell me Zoe's favourite foods I could make sure to keep her well fed."
And so Mrs. Aldridge took notes and tried her best to suppress a gleeful grin as Mrs. Smith listed all the fattening foods that her dear Zoe simply couldn't resist.
On the walk home Mrs. Aldridge took the opportunity to secretly study Zoe's figure. The girl was no doubt very beautiful. However, at closer inspection Mrs. Aldridge saw that her arms were just a little too full, her ankles just a little too thick, her chin just a little too weak and her curves just a little too rounded. She had all the signs of a girl who was going to get fat. Mrs. Aldridge had no doubt that given time Zoe would swell up all on her own. But there was no telling how long that might take. Perhaps, she thought to herself, it wouldn't hurt to give sweet Zoe a little push down the road to obesity.
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AceFA 1 year
Fantastic story! Truly a refreshing plot. Though it was not 100% certain what Zoe's future will look like. It would've been incredible to read a short epilogue explaining that.
Blackbean 5 years
A plus for NOT having a happy ending & for the guy NOT enjoying the gain, secretly or otherwise, there are way too many stories of this type already, it's a ready boring trope.
Dreambig 7 years
i *love* this story. i love everything about it.
Eponymous 7 years
As for Felicia, she might well have put on a couple of pounds. Whatever might've happened to her I think it's safe to say that Mrs. Aldridge turned at least some of the methods she'd used on Zoe against Felicia.
Eponymous 7 years
As far as happy endings go... I think that, now that she's away from Mrs. Aldridge, things will start to look up for Zoe. I might add a bonus chapter to explore what happened to her after this. But it'll be a while. This is where the story proper ends.
BS Writer 7 years
What happened to Felicia? I hope she met a fattening fate as well. It would be wonderful to see her subjected to the same cattiness and humiliation she once doled out. I'd love to read that... Perhaps in an epilogue?
Eponymous 7 years
I've loved all of your comments and I'm happy to hear that you think the story's still holding up. Hopefully you'll enjoy it all the way through, now that it's about to reach it's conclusion.
Eponymous 7 years
Thank you girlcrisis! That's some heavy praise. I don't quite know what to say to it. But I do, I guess, enjoy stories where characters have compelling and well thought out motivations.
Girlcrisis 7 years
Every time I think it's over for poor Zoe you come up with something new and this gets better and better.
Girlcrisis 7 years
I love the way you tap into the undercurrent of cruelty and inherent rivalry that so often defines the way women relate to each other. Even the mother with all her apparent kindness is just a classic enabler.
Eponymous 7 years
Yeah, Patrick is not the most pleasant of people. In his case the apple unfortunately hasn't fallen far from the tree.
There're about 2 to 3 more chapters to go before the end. There might also, further or later, be a little bonus chapter coming.
Biddygal 7 years
such an awesome read, though i was sad the guy turned out to be such a dick in the end.

is this the full on end???
Jazzman 7 years
Intense chapter. I wonder. Did Mrs Aldridge keep a diary of her sinister plan?
How will she get caught?
Or maybe she won't.
Great Story. Every Chapter!
Mental5125 7 years
This is so incredible
Jazzman 7 years
I kind of wish Zoe would take him on and ask him if he ever really loved Her. Or was it entirely her conventional beauty and nothing else. Or just squash him on night and force him to make love and find out how great it is. Lol
Ally999 7 years
Although I feel bad for Zoe, I am loving this story. Great job. Can't wait for the next installment.
Eponymous 7 years
Thanks, it felt about time for a little flashback.
Jazzman 7 years
Nice chapter with the little flashback
Eponymous 7 years
Glad to hear it Hurgon. I think I can promise some exciting turns quite soon.
Hurgon 7 years
This just gets better and better with each scene. Great balance between pace and descriptions. Really want to know what happens next!
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