The giving tree

Chapter 1 - the chub

It was there, within the forest clearing that she stood, taller than the glade and more beautiful than the first sap of spring. Rumors and stories of her fruit was so elegant, once you bit , your mind was shattered, your tastes buds were taken and mouth watered like a fall.

Catherine was enticed, such a wonderful dessert couldn't possibly be true? " Mother I'm going to stake my claim for this succulent legendary fruit." She exclaimed, looming over for her rather...portly mother. Thick round sausage like nubs, swollen and plump ready to grip anything near her maw. A cherubic face, round soft, with rosy cheeks that wobbled, as she slurped her grog.
"Now why you want to be doing that dearies?" She puffed, silver brow wiggling at the thought.
"Can'ts ya imagine it!" She gleamed, patting her portly tummy in pure glee, letting it wiggle and jiggle within her cloth as she brushed outside, overjoyed at the site of lush forest clearing, clear glass and fruits of all shapes and sizes, ones of purple spots and yellow stripes, green zigs and orange zags. "I bet its so tender and delicious, I heard once you take a bite, you never leave."
"There's a reason for that don'tcha know, but bah, what do I know? Go have fun dearie, have fun with your little fruit, it's just a rumor, just be back by dawn for dinner."
"Thank ya mother, i'll be off now~" She nodded and soon she was waddling from the safe wooden floors to the damp cover of the glades, picking a fruit along the way and off into the dense marsh of the woods. The sun dare not pierce the forest floor within, each step she could hear the sounds of the lumberry crows creaking, the scent of fresh maple sap, fresh and sugary, with a divine scent of cinnamon. Pickled pear piggy shrooms lazed, like smoky caramelized bacon freshly cooked and extra crispy,, of course with such a long journey a lady must feast, so with a little bow she simply helped herself. "A small snack wouldn't ruin my appetite now, would it?" She hummed, taking a bite , as mouth watering greasy crunch met her maw, chewing away at the robust smoky flavor, as her tummy slowly filled, gurgling and growling begging for more. She bit into the logs, like fresh sirloin, juicy and tender, rare in the middle and slightly seasoned and garnished with pepper, she bit and chew, as her stomach filled. Flabby potbelly inching over, rounding and slowly pressing into her cloth, stretching and gently filling as her belly wobbled, as it growled and roared, demanding . So she took a bite from another tree, like smoked barbecued steak, she ripped away, slurping down without even tending her brunette hair dangling in front of her. Chubby thighs swelling and inching together, rubbing and squishing along, as they wobbled and ended, she felt them press and groan, knee socks slowly wrapping as the cloth spread along side her upper thigh. Letting them wobble and plump up.
"" she groaned, now with such a taste for treats, one simply needed something to down it. Clenching her overfilled blimping gut, she slowly waddled of, gently whimpering as her taunt stomach bounced and bobbed, landing knee first and dunking her head within the nearest water. Lemon? It...was sweet, not too sour, it seemed like it came from the mountain side, freshly cold and the blooming trees dropped their gift into the mix as well...fresh berries, delicious and sweet. She quickly took her fill, slurping her way down and inhaling as if she became a vacuum, her belly filling, inch over inch, slowly growing and goraning, sloshing and sloshing, drinking away, as chunks of berries the size of her head, were chewed and slurped down, as her stomach started to press against the ground, bouncing and bobbing along the very floor. It was taut and round, slowly filling and puffing, red tummy growing inch and slowly sloshing, as her naval puffed and whimpered, jiggling and wiggling until, it POP! Becoming a fat outie as her round belly resembled a near beach ball, bloated and round until, she tilted on her side, gasping and begging for air , lazing over with a faded site. Puffing lightly, she loomed over, coughing as she watched in the near distance nothing but trees...and trees, all looming and shaded over with birds gawking, and bees buzzing.

"Ah...I've been in here for an hour and nothing..." With a little pout, she clutched her sloshing round jiggling blub of a tummy, n gently lazed, the giving tree...would be for tomorrow.
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FA Guy 6 years
Excellent story, I really enjoyed it