The softest beach

Chapter 1 - the flight of endless gains.

With a cool summer breeze that carried the winds of extravagant pleasure, with the whipped cream toppings and fresh sweet scent of strawberries, it was nearly divine. Poria Beach, a wonderful resort, where the entrees keep coming, and the desserts never end, when your sausage fingers wrap around your fork and let that sweet scented almond vanilla icecream touch the tip of your tongue, a bliss waterfalled over, with hints of light cream slowly dabbling sprinkling on each taste bud. Each dessert handcrafted to the customers desire~

My names, Aria, I work as a reporting for the Global Gourmet Network. GGN, sends us around the world to find and discover the most heavenly food, the sweetest sweets, and an known legendary fruit, something called the "Golden Apple" Said to have the texture and flavor of mouth watering barbecued slow roasted meat. Glazed in spices, my goal was to find it, and so I started to fly on the Poria Resorts direct transit plane. Without even a second glance...I noticed the regulars, people that were a bit...soft. Doughy, chunky, chubby! Wiggling into those seats so uncomfortable, their big bulging round stomachs, bellies that wobbled almost ready to devour anything in front of them. One woman in particular was attempting to hide her blub, wearing a white button blouse, and constantly patting her chubby round face, softy red tinted cheeks that jiggled with each breath. Her glasses swayed as she wobbled her round frame into her seat, wide wobbly hips bouncing back and forth, thick soft thighs that resembled hefty tree trunks stuffed within her black laced stockings, smushing and squishing in together, forcing themselves to try to get inside as they wobbled and rubbed along.
"C-come on you damned...belt...button!" She aguishly whined as the black thing wrapped around her blubberous belly, smushing in as it squished along her lap. I tried not to stare but this was so ... common around. People all around, the erm ... "regulars". The poor addicts just wanted some food ... but as I tried to avoid staring for too long, my seatmate came along, a portly mother , maybe non older than about twenty eight, with her strawberry peach hair and warm smile, she wiggled in beside me, attempting not to ... *ahem*, let her fat smother me. It wasn't well ... uncomfortable as more of ... different, and she was terribly nice about it, wrapping those thick hammy like hands as they grabbed large folds of her fat and tried to reign them in, that yellow sweater holding in most of that flab. Her under belly was taunt and red , barely peeking through at the bottom. With sweat pants that slowly held, straining and stretching over, little tears in the thigh fat as her legs wobbled with each little bump as the plane started to soar, I could feel it ... her fat wobbling, those soft logs of arms bumping into me, squishing my side, I didn't ... quiet mind. I had flaws too ... short black hair that loved to curl about on the ends, neatly trimmed towards the top and my red rimmed glasses shaking ever so. We were off, and my goodness ... what a ride. As we were hitting the altitude, with the little beeps where you can take off your belt it was almost a chorus of satisfied happy sighs, as a wave swooshed over, belts clicking, buttons snapping, and perhaps the cutest thing I ever seen, the woman across from us, the one I mentioned before with her little white blouse. I couldn't tell if this was relief or horror, it was like a stream, her fat inched out from being tucked away, and POP one after another her buttons bust free , begging to be released, red and lightly sweated stomach rolls , rolled over, flabbing over and spilling on her lap. Her outfit was nearly torn at the middle as fat flesh oozed out out, along with perhaps the deepest and most abyss like hole i've ever laid my eyes on, while covered in flab and ounces upon ounces, those fatty rolls bounced and wobbled on top of each other...and deep within those layers was it. A naval so deep , and while nobody was "looking" she started to poke and wiggle her sausage finger inside, her entire index finger was being inhaled, swallowed by it as she wiggled it around, with a surprisingly blissful look on her face. Although, it is a bit awkward to try to look at passengers while flabzilla was kneading just moments right next to you.
"Want some?" She smiled, it was so peaceful so charmful, within her hands was perhaps the gooiest little treat I ever laid my eyes on. It was what was essentially, a triple decker super smore. With the inner middle being a large couple of melted marshmallows, two large Hershey chocolate bars, and two graham crackers on both sides, with another marshmallow and chocolate bar bar on the top that created an extra layer, it was the most cocoa-ey smell I ever had my nostrils on and it was.... Exhilarating! I couldn't... I'd feel too bad.
"No thank you...I want to save my appetite." I responded haphazardly, what was next was ... interesting. Her maw wrapped around, with crumbs and bits of chocolate slowly painting her face as she chomped on the little sweet treat without a second bite, covering her fingers in bits of chocolate as she let it wash down with a cool refreshing Pepsi. Was this, belly magic? I have heard of this occult like wonder, how people with such intense gluttony could simply consume food like a drink and walk away three times the size! It was happening in my very eyes, her stomach was bloating! Growing and growing, swelling inch after inch, that wobbling yellow strapped orb was bloating right in front of me, it was swelling over and over, growing bigger and bigger, it was so immense and huge , flab upon flab was spilling all over, that taunt red little belly button popping out with a wiggle, her round wobbling stomach bounced, smushed it's like someone filled a beach ball with cellulite, as it grew and rounded bouncing into the seat next and wobbling ever so peacefully, a perfect plate for her belongings. As this was all happening around me a ever so obvious thought wiggled into my head... i'm doomed...if these are the people at the resort....I may only come out waddling.
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Rosemary 6 years
It hasn't been revised yet but i'll update soon as I can thank you
LoopsnBloops 6 years
A nice idea but you gotta space this out with paragraphs. Every time a different character talks or when there's too much text.