The roommates

Chapter 1

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“Umhhhhh” grunted Lexi as she finished up her last squat at the gym, beats of sweat rolling down her face. Lexi was a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful body. After years of strict dieting and a regimented workout routine she had developed a body that men wanted and every girl was envious of. Lexi had long brown hair that hung past her shoulders. She had a model quality face that held a smile that would melt any boys heart that she had her heart set on. Her arms were toned but not too bulky, holding a sense of grace that rivaled a princess. Her breast were perky and firm and were just big enough to grab the eyes of any suitor if she wanted them too. Her ass was large but firm from thousands of squats and other workouts that she had completed in college and after. Although her ass was thick and larger, her waist was snatched and was thin and tone but no abs were visible, she didn’t wasn’t to get bodybuilding vibes from her body.

“Nice nice,” said Rachel as she helped Lexi place the bar back on the squat rack, as Lexi turned around and faced her. Rachel and Lexi had been freshman roommates in college and had been attracted ever since the day they met. The two worked out together, lived together, dated the same style of boys, and even worked the same job together, it was a remote graphic design job but none the less they worked out of their shared apartment together. Rachel was slightly shorter than Lexi but was just as attractive. Her long black hair that came down into bangs sat on top of her head. Similar to Lexi, Rachel worked very hard on her body and it showed. She had similar features compared to Lexi except that her ass was not as large as Lexi’s but her breast were a size or two bigger than her friend’s making the two of them irresistible to women. The two rarely dated but hardly ever slept alone with bring home guys to share their beds multiple days out of the week. They were two peas in a pod, enjoying their life in the big city as two sexy women in their 20’s.

“Wow I’m really feeling that workout,” said Lexi as she picked up her water bottle and her gym towel and threw it over her shoulder. “I know I told you that trainer guy that I hooked up last week knew his stuff,” said Rachel as the two walked back in to the locker room to grab their stuff. As the two were walking past the free weight section to their stuff they passed an extremely overweight woman attempting to lift weights but was doing very poorly with continuous long breaks and very little work being done. Lexi estimated that she had to be close to over 400 pounds with a huge bulging belly that hung in front of her very fat thighs. Every movement was accompanied with a jiggle and she was drenched in sweat. “God look at that lard ass lifting over there,” said Lexi as she discreetly pointed her out to Rachel. “I know how does someone even get that big, like I could never get fat like ever and certainly never that big, her belly probably weighs more than me,” said Rachel as the two girls giggled. “More like bigger than the both of us,” Lexi replied back. The two girls were being louder than they thought and although they didn’t notice the overweight woman looking up seeing them talk shit on her body as they walked into the locker room.

Lexi let the water of the shower wash over her body and felt the toned aspects of her stomach and the perkiness of her breast and firm ass. She loved how sexy she felt knowing that any guy that she wanted she could have. She honestly never even cared about how she looked, she was more concerned about scratching her sexual itch and feeling wanted by the opposite gender. She turned the water off and grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. As she was getting the remaining water off her body, she looked up and saw the overweight woman enter the locker room. Another couple minutes won’t kill her thought Lexi as she walked over to where Rachel was standing placing her regular clothes back on at her locker. “God did you see that whale come back into the locker room, if anyone should workout a little bit longer it should be you,” laughed Lexi as she placed her shirt back on. “I know like she should at least attempt to slim down, probably gonna get an extra large meal at McDonalds after this,” said Rachel as the two girls continued to laugh.

“You know it’s not nice to talk about someone behind their back,” said a voice that cut through the two girls laughter. There standing there was the overweight woman standing there with her hands on her hips and a very annoyed expression on her face. “Oh we weren’t talking about you,” said Rachel as she tried to back track her earlier words. “I know you are and you’ve been doing it since you passed me out there,” said the woman as she increasingly had an angrier tone of voice. “Hey don’t get mad at us you can’t put the fork down,” said Lexi not taking any of the woman’s bullshit. “Excuse me?” Asked the woman as she became absolutely livid at Lexi’s question. “Hey don’t be mad at me just because you can’t put the fork down,” said Lexi. “Yeah just because we care about how we look and take the effort to workout and eat good doesn’t mean you can be salty about it,” said Rachel as she took on some of Lexi’s confidence. “Well when you’re my size you’ll know what it’s like for me,” said the woman as she waddled out of the locker room. “Like that’s ever gonna happen,” said Lexi loud enough for the woman to hear her. “Come on let’s go home,” said Rachel as the two girls headed home to their apartment.

124.5lbs read the scale in the bathroom as Lexi stepped off. It was the same weight that she had weighed since she had graduated high school. She brushed her teeth and did her nightly skin routine and went to her bedroom. The scene of the huffing and puffing of the lady in the gym today played in her head as she laughed there was no way that she would let herself get that big, not a chance. Little did she know that her and her roommates body were going to go through some massive changes that night.
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Mikeboi1994 1 week
Really love this story! This is outstanding Tonyperkis! 😊 I wish Rachel returns one day perhaps not able to adjust her appetite back to normal 😃 Really love where this is going. 🤩
NipNip 2 weeks
Well I’m excited for another fit girl like Katie to join the fat gal club.
Tonyperkis 2 weeks
Lexi needs a new fat friend since Rachel turned skinny
4funnow 2 weeks
Secretpassenger 3 weeks
I love this story!
I like it that Lexi goes deeper and deeper into her desires.
Keep on writing in this style!
Tonyperkis 3 weeks
Thank you there will be plenty more story to come
4funnow 3 weeks
Love the Lexi’s dive into her desires. Awesome story
Tonyperkis 3 weeks
There’s more than Lexi who gives into their desires
Mental5125 1 month
Big fan of this one. Hoping plenty more story and growing to come!
Tonyperkis 1 month
Thank you, the pair has plenty of weight to gain
4funnow 1 month
Love your sense of humor
4funnow 2 months
Love this couple - looking forward to their growing appetites
Also did you post The Rise Of Nancy Henderson?
great story but I can’t find it
Tonyperkis 2 months
Thank you, I did but I was let known that the author still has the story on this site and I didn’t want to steal their work
4funnow 2 months
Idk who told you that but they’re wrong - it’s been removed for a while - glad you found it - please post it and just give credit
AthleteTurne... 2 months
Love this so far definitely need more it’s really good
Tonyperkis 2 months
There will be plenty more for sure