Trading places

chapter 1:

"Would Lea Hay please go to room 43?" A the nurse announced loudly.

Lea tried to heave herself up from those horrible plastic chairs in the waiting room:

"Who is even supposed to fit in these chairs?"

"F**k, when did I get this big?" She thought.

She pants, out of breath at standing, beads of sweat drop down her forehead. She looks for Steven to help her,

"Babe... I... am too... stuffed ... please ... help me up"

As Steven dutifully helps up his young, but very obese wife up there's another call for Lea to go to the assessment room:

"Would Lea Hay please go to room 43?"

"I'm coming, huff ... I'm coming"

They hold hands. Lea waddles to the office slowly. She feels her bottom belly bounce off her legs as she does. She's wearing a dress which probably fit 50lbs ago but she's just been gaining so fast lately it was expensive to keep buying clothes.

The couple stop short of the door. Steven kisses her softly and rubs her tummy,

" You look beautiful baby."

Lea looks into his eyes, sad and pretty much ignoring the compliment.

"I want to get pregnant babe, I'm worried there's something wrong"

Steven kisses her again and takes her hand. Let's figure this out together.

"Why did we go to a buffet before this appointment" Lea realises this was a bad idea. The doctor, smiling but stern gestures to the scales.
"Let's weigh you first miss"

Lea knew the news would be bad. She's been gaining non stop for 2 years .

Steven watched his big beauty waddle to the scales and stumble slightly onto them. He watched her belly sway as she stood,

"God she's so fat and beautiful" he thought. He remembers how she was about 100lbs when they met and she looks more than three times that now. She was his masterpiece of beautiful waddling fat. She was apprehensive at first, but now she loves nothing more than lying on the couch stuffing her face. She loves being his fat trophy, his prize. He loves when they're out and about that he can keep his hands off her or that gorgeous belly. He remembers when it turned from a single to a double belly and how she loves her underbelly being....

He snaps out of the thought as he sees the doctor.

The doctor turns as he sees the number and mutters under his breath "think we've found the problem"...
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